Porsche Paintless Dent Repair

Cars, expensive as they may be, only depreciate over time. Unlike houses and other pieces of real estate, vehicles are one of the only major investments that Americans often make which loses value over time and rarely, if ever, yields a positive financial gain. If you’re preparing to sell your Porsche, make sure that it is looking as best as possible. No Porsche owner should ever have to endure exterior dents and dings following an auto accident or hail storm and then selling their car and having it be depreciated in value. We at Sioux Falls Dent repair provide paintless dent repair services on all Porsche models to include:

  • 718

  • 911

  • Taycan

  • Panamera

  • Macan

  • Cayenne

Porsche - Paintless Dent Removal - Sioux Falls South Dakota

Is There a Requirement for Drilling and Cutting w/the PDR Process?

Dent repair on a Porsche must be done with extreme precision.  Any cutting, sanding or grinding of a Porsche’s paint finish should be done as a last resort to maintain the integrity of the vehicle.  That is where our Sioux Falls paintless dent repair, or PDR, process comes into play.  PDR is a non-invasive method of dent and ding damage repair to a vehicle.  At Sioux Falls Dent Repair, we can repair your Porsche without the use of saws, torches or sanders and have you back on the road on the same day!  

What most of our clients do not know, most dents and dings can be reached through manufacturer’s access points located throughout your vehicle.  If there are no original access points available, Sioux Falls Dent Repair will always notify you if one will need to be made before cutting or drilling into your Porsche vehicle.

We hope you will never experience any exterior damage to your vehicle!  However, if your Porsche is ever involved in a collision or receives damage from a hail storm, let our certified and qualified technicians repair your damage at a cost you will both enjoy and appreciate.  We want to introduce you to our PDR in Sioux Falls process of rapidly repairing your Porsche vehicle.  Sioux Falls Dent Repair is revolutionizing the car exterior repair industry one car at a time.  Let us get started on your vehicle today.

Dents & Dings Will be a Thing of the Past!

Let’s face it, the occasional bang from a car parked next to yours or a tap from a reversing vehicle in a parking lot are going to happen.  However, small dents and dings can be every bit as annoying and unsightly as the large ones.  Whether your damage occurs on the steel or aluminum portion of your automobile, our skilled and certified technicians can locate the factory points necessary to access and repair all dents.

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