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Rating: 5.0 ★★★★★

~ David Quinn

Save your panels from being cut off and replaced and repainted by a Body Shop! Choose our team to perform your repairs!

~ Joshua Burns

Truly incredible PDR. I had 2 very noticeable elongated dents in my quarter panel. Half a day with Jack and it’s like new again. I wouldn’t trust anyone else to PDR this vehicle! Hands down the best in town.

~ Ty Wiley

Jack went above and beyond, worked with my insurance, an auto glass company and more. Quick response time and explained things to me that I didn’t understand. I highly recommend his work and will be bringing any future vehicles to him!

~ John McGaugh

I’m rebuilding a 1970 Mercury Cougar. Another body shop suggested here. my hood that had very deep impact damage came out beautifully. not wavy or raised edges. easy to fill and sand for final product. VERY HAPPY. and will defiantly recommend to others. thank you saved me hundreds of dollars by not having to order a whole new hood.

~ Craig Stadtfeld

I just wanted to take the time to share that Jack from Sioux Falls Dent Repair did a fantastic job with my vehicle and totally removed the hail damage I suffered from last summer. It looks brand-new! He definitely knows his trade. When dealing with our insurance company, he communicated with me every-step of the way and kept me informed of where we were at in the process. Jack’s an honest straight shooter-I highly recommend Sioux Falls Dent Repair to anyone. Craig Stadtfeld, Tea, SD

~ Randy Haberer

Top quality repairs!

~ Amber Unser

Jack at Sioux Falls Dent Repair was very professional and did a great job explaining the process. In just a few hours, my car was back to looking like new. The price was also very reasonable.

~ Nicholas Carrier-Damon

There are three key terms to describe Jack’s work with Sioux Falls Dent Repair. Quick, quality, and economical. Usually with any service business, it is very difficult to achieve all three of these, but Jack is amazing at what he does, making sure the end product is top-notch, and the customer is beyond satisfied.

I drive a slightly older but still nice vehicle. I take great pride in keeping it clean, running well, and looking nice. When I started to accumulate more and more dents and dings, from other careless drivers and my own kids, I decided it was time to fix up the body.

From my preliminary research, Sioux Falls Dent Repair looked like my best option to go with, and they did not disappoint. I am a work-from-home dad, and try to be a perfectionist in my profession. Jack was exactly the same way with his work, paying great attention to detail and demonstrating true professionalism while performing high-quality work.

Most importantly, never having met Jack before, he was just a nice person, easy to talk to, and had a very positive and energetic attitude.

Thank you, Sioux Falls Dent Repair!


~ Toni Johnson

I am very happy with the work done to my car. From start to finish, this service went smoothly. Jack provided a detailed estimate and explained the work involved. I dropped my car one night and it was ready the next day. Great service!

~ Kyle S

Jack was great to work with he fixed my ram with hail damage got it in and out quick looked like new when he was done

~ Ronald Berry

Jack is a very nice guy. He got me in quickly and saved me a lot of money getting my dent repaired. I’ve looked at the original spot at every angle in every lighting and I can’t find where the dent was.

~ Jim Ahart

Jack was very professional and knowledgeable of the whole insurance process. He kept me very informed at all times. I could tell he was a communication specialist. He was always available when I called. The work done on my hail damage was impressive. I would highly recommend Sioux Falls Dent Repair.

~ Justin VanWesten

Jack did a great job on my dent/door ding. One of the few times I’m glad I can’t see what I paid for; you absolutely can’t tell my vehicle had been damaged after he was finished. Would recommend 100%.

~ Nathan Christenson

They do a awesome job and well worth the money! From the time i drop off my car to the time i picked it up, you can’t even tell any dent/damage was ever done!

See Nathan’s Repair Here!

~ Abraham Farrar

After googling and doing some research I found Jack at Sioux Falls Dent Repair. I had someone back into my drivers side door and drove off with no note or anything. I had to pay for it out of pocket. Jack was by far the most professional and helped me understand the process. My 2016 Jeep Limited looked as good as the day I drove it off the lot when Jack was finished with it. He will be doing my Harley next week also! Highly recommended and very fair priced!

~ David Thomas

This was my first experience having paint less dent removal done on a vehicle. Thank goodness I have nothing but positives to say about my experience. I do not think I could of picked a better facility to have done the needed work. Jack is very knowledgeable about the services he offers, and took the time to go over my options, expected results, and pricing until I was satisfied. The job came out PERFECT. Hopefully I never need this service again, but if I do I will call Jack!!

~ Kory Postma

Jack is currently a one-man shop in a detached large secondary garage off of the back of his residence. While that may throw off some, I hope this review would convince those otherwise. Jack used to work for a local dealer fixing and repairing dents, his father is also in the auto repair industry.

Jack is very friendly and you can gather that just by giving him a call, go ahead, try it. You will need to call ahead to make an appointment. When you are able to get your vehicle in, usually a 1-2 week lead time (or sooner, if needed, as he will offer to work late into the night for you), Jack will look over your areas of concern (or more if you are willing). His lighting setup will find dents and scratches that you didn’t even know were there. He does pre-warn you, though, if you want to learn where those other dents are. I took him up on the offer and we found four additional dents, mostly from door bangers.

Jack is very detail oriented, on the verge of OCD, and he loves his job. He loves fixing the dents and making things right again. Now, while not all dents will return to 100% factory spec, they will at least be as near perfect as can be done using all of the specialized tools of the trade.

Jack will go over all of the dents with you and, at least for me, included many of those extra dents for free (or a lower cost) as part of the overall cost. Remember that detail orientation and loves fixing dents part earlier? I think the dents are imperfections that are just calling Jack to fix them.

Out of all of my dents (7 or so in total), only the very complicated one was not perfect. Under his sophisticated lighting setup you could see a slight hint of waviness in that general location. Without those lights on it, it looked perfect. Frankly, no one would ever know, my wife didn’t notice it at all and thinks it looks perfect, just like new.

Jack is a great guy and he is just starting a great thing, please send him your business, you will be glad you did and he is very deserving of it.

~ Aaron Wiederich

Jack does outstanding work. he was friendly, professional and super easy to work with.

I would highly recommend him to anyone

~ Tate Alexander

I had Jack repair the box of my truck after a mishap. He got me in right away for the estimate and was able to schedule me in the following week. I dropped the vehichle off the night before and it was finished for me by the time I was off work the following day. If I ever find myself in need again I wouldn’t hesitate to trust Sioux Falls Dent Repair.

~ Eraina Schwab

Excellent work! I was very impressed. Quick and friendly service I highly recommend! My door looks perfect!

~ Karen Ruby

My son’s car (with less than 100 miles on it and 3 days after purchase) was severely damaged by a hailstorm. We took it to Sioux Falls Dent Repair and had nothing but excellent service! Jack worked with our insurance company and returned our car on schedule, looking just like new again! I highly recommend Jack and this company for your dent repairs – I will only use him in the future for my dents!

~ Skyla & Billy Goodrich

Jack is very skilled at paintless dent repair and a real professional in the industry. He is great to work with and I would highly recommend him for all your dent repair needs!

~ Mary Pooley

Door dings are maddening, i.e., especially for a car enthusiasts. In contacting Jack, it became apparent that he is extremely knowledgeable, proficient and passionate about his craft. Needles to say, my car looks brand-new again. I will be a repeat customer.

~ Randy Frerichs

I’ll make this short, highest level of professionalism and quality of work. Cannot see the dent at all. I’m very satisfied

~ Thad Schetnan

Great service, excellent workmanship, I highly recommend SF Dent Repair!

~ Gene Fetty

I am not a Sioux Falls Dent Repair client, I am a paintless dent repair technician myself. I just had to share my 2¢ about Jack. I first met Jack 3-4 years ago and I could just see something in him. Over those last 3-4 years I’ve watched a new up and coming technician not just excel at his craft but he is also up and coming as a leader in the paintless dent repair industry. I can tell you with 100% certainty that Jack is the right person to work with on your dent repair needs. He is focused on customer service first and foremost, he’s at the cutting edge with all of the changing technologies in today’s vehicles, and always has the newest tools in his box! If I was in the Sioux Falls area and needed a dent repaired, Jack would be my choice!

~ Sam Farstead

Jack, is one of the best, I was back on a vacation and someone let their door swing in to my car downtown he was able to completely remove a massive dent on he door before I had to go hone. After it was done I didn’t think about it again!

~ Dusty Johnson

Jack is a absolute miracle worker! He is a true craftsman, and capable of successfully removing the dents others refuse to try. Make him your first call!

~ Tim Johnson

Jack is honest, and great to work with! He’s flexible and very accommodating to working around your schedule. Thank you for your great service, and awesome work, Jack!

~ Jeff Reeb

I’ve been a hail tech for more than 20 years. Jack is one of the most professional techs in the industry and I’m sure will be leading the way for years to come. If you’re looking for someone who knows his stuff well and will fix your vehicle well… Look no further.

~ Lexie Eakle

If you’re looking to fix a dent you could go to a bunch of locations around town but if you want your car to look like your dent never happened, this is your place. Say goodbye to damage and hello to your once again new car. Your car deserves the best and that’s what Jack will do for it. He is very professional and happy to explain anything you have questions about.

~ Kathy Anderson

This shop does a super great job on getting dents out if any vehicle. I had my new Ford Edge in due to hail damage and am super super happy with there work. They are very reasonable priced. Took my vehicle in on Tues morning and had it back by 5 pm on Wednesday. Jack is the owner he is so easy to work with and gives great estimates.

See Kathy’s Video Testimonial and Repair Here!

~ Trevor Medenwald

I dont normally take the time to write reviews and if i did they would rarely be a good one. I am the really anal, fussy, hard to please kind of guy when it comes to about anything I do especially when it comes to my vehicles and things. I find myself displeased and sometimes worse every time I have someone do work for me, so many people don’t take pride in there work and are just trying to push the work out the door. So i just do everything i can myself, but when my beautifully kept toolbox got damaged by someone other than me I was really beside myself. This was something I could not do on my own. I believe factory paint is the best and didn’t want bondo or any repainting done on my box so I left it for about 5 years until I realized a possible best solution. I have seen the work Jack has done for others and knew he was my guy. He has accomplished things I didn’t think we’re possible until now. He came to my work with a vehicle loaded with specialty tools and began his magic, he spent a good 4 hours on my difficult repair not satisfied until it was perfect. Jack has pride in his work and that is so important to me. I honestly didn’t think we could get it perfect and would have to settle for just better but he got it perfect he really has a talent. I will use Jack on anything of mine in the future and hope this helps anyone in question of where to take there business.

~ David Seruyange

I had a mishap with our brand-new-to-us minivan only weeks after we got it. It was pretty devastating. I contacted Jack at Sioux Falls Dent Repair based on a google search and facebook reviews. It turned out to be the best decision we could have made! Jack was easy to work with, a great communicator, honest, and patient. I can’t say enough good things – and that was before he even fixed the van! The job he did on the van is top notch and we are so very pleased. I was amazed! If you need repair work, talk to Jack! You won’t be sorry.

~ Joe Bruggeman

I had an emergency door ding repaired on my 2014 Ford F-150 and Jack did an exceptional job. The ding or dent was quite large and you couldn’t see any damage after the repair. I also had some tailgate dings repaired. Thank you so much for the exceptional repair!

~ Brandon Sheffield

Exceptional work with attention to detail. Couldn’t be happier with the results. Saved me from blending panels on a hard to match paint color, will definitely have more work done here. Great customer service as well, thanks again!!

~ Jane

Awesome job, great price, fast service. Thank you Jack, you are a master! I highly recommend Sioux Falls Dent Repair.

~ Scott Fleming

I have a 2009 Audi A5. I am absolutely beyond perfectionistic about it. A week ago, while parked in my garage, some things stacked on the my beer fridge fell onto my hood. The damage could only be described as catastrophic. I thought I would need a new hood. I took it to Sioux Falls Dent Repair where I met a true artist and someone as perfectionistic as I am. Jack’s talent is beyond description. Not only did he make my hood look as good as new, but he also found dents I had never noticed and fixed them too. If I could give more than five stars , I most surely would. My car is actually better now than when I bought it. I will definitely see Jack for all future dent work. I very highly recommend Sioux Falls Dent Repair for anything from simple door dings to more extreme cases like mine!! Thank you Jack!!!!

~ Justin Leckie

Excellent Work, Awesome Customer service!

From: Facebook

Rating: 5.0 ★★★★★

~ Surviving the Aftermath: New Alliances

I just had a dent/door ding fixed on my almost new, black vehicle today. I consider myself a fairly picky person, which led me to Sioux Falls Dent Repair. I had read the reviews and thought I would give them a try. I was optimistically skeptical, but after meeting Jack was put at ease. He is a nice guy, whom I can tell is passionate of his craft. I dropped my vehicle off in the morning and it was done by mid afternoon. I was impressed. There was a sharp, 2” dent in my door, which has now vanished. You can see the dent in the attached, before photos. I would 100% recommend Sioux Falls Dent Repair to anyone.

~ Jared Stroman

Jack did an awesome job removing my hail dents a few other imperfections on my Silverado. He was quick, professional, and did an excellent job for me. Highly recommend!

~ Jason Ackman

Jack was great to work with. They repaired hail damage from my 2011 Silverado hood. I purchased the truck with hail damage and wanted an affordable but complete solution for the hood. He was willing to explore different options that fit my price and needs. In the end, I decided to get all the dents removed from the hood, and they did a fantastic job.

~ Vicki Carlson

Very quick and efficient. I would recommend this to anyone who needs a “ding” repair.

~ Jane Engen Davis

Jack is an artist. I backed into a garbage bin and got a pretty good dent. He got me in right away and the price was so reasonable. It looks amazing. Thank you thank you thank you. I highly recommend Sioux Falls Dent Repair.

~ Ryan James Murray

I run and operate a detail business (Superior Detail) so I have a high attention to detail. Jack has worked magic before my very eyes. I have watched many pdr guys throughout my years and Jack is at the top in quality and service. All around great guy to work with and use. Only guy around that I’ll let work on my personal vehicles.

~ Nate Meyer

Jack did an awesome job on my truck. I had a quite a few door dings and a good size dent on a body line and you can’t even tell they were there now. Great job, attention to detail and fast!!! I would recommend him to anyone looking for superior debt repair!

~ Linda Weeldreyer Klock

Did a great job on my truck with hail damage, appreciated him working with our insurance company. Thanks Jack

~ Justin Ryan Wilson

Had some hail damage on my car. Took it to Jack to have it fixed. Very happy with the results! I will def be coming back to Jack if anything in the future happens!

~ Dustin Wallenburg

Jack did a great job at getting rid of the hail damage on my car. Thanks Jack!

~ Oliver Chang

As an auto detailer, I have a lot of experience with dealing with dent repair and fixing blemishes. Being new to Sioux Falls, I didn’t have any contacts locally to go to so I looked for a PDR shop online and gave Jack a call. From start to finish Jack was very professional with the way he conducted his business and communicating with me. I had three dents from various door dings on the right side of my car. He was able to completely remove them without any damage to the paint. His attention to detail is top notch and I would not hesitate to come back again if I need his services. 100% satisfied customer!

See Oliver’s Video Testimonial and Repair Here!

~ Joey Luther

5 Stars!!!

~ Camren Ackerman

5 Stars!!!

~ Heather Parsons

Highly recommend quick, professional and did great work!

~ Kathy Anderson

I had 2 dent removed on my brand new Ford Edge, they did a wonderful job and stuck to the estimate. Jack was very friendly and explained everything so I could understand. I would recommend any time to anyone.

~ Shannon Mack Johnson

Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous experience. We had a very bad door ding and scratches on our driver side passenger door of our brand new Traverse. Jack has like a magic wand. Our Traverse looks like new again. You can’t even tell there was a horrible door ding. Thanks Jack for being a magician . Such excellent service.

~ Jayme Lynn

Jack from Sioux Falls dent repair is one of the best!!! He squeezed me in between other projects since I had a ceramic coating appointment a couple days later. His prices are very reasonable, he educates you on the process so you understand how everything works, and is an all around good guy. I don’t trust many people with my vehicle but I’d trust Sioux Falls dent repair any day.

See Jayme’s Video Testimonial and Repair Here!

~ Justin Fejfar

I couldn’t be any happier with the incredible work! You can not even tell the dent was ever there!! Extremely flexible and knowledgeable, gave me options and an idea of what each would entail. I would highly recommend to anyone who needs a dent fixed to showroom quality!

~ Darren Cook

What a great experience. I was scared to bring my baby to a shop, however after the ending result I wish I would have done it sooner. My Camaro looks amazing now. Thanks again for taking good care of me and making the process so simple.

~ Tyce Daggitt

If you are seeking PDR to maintain the value of your vehicle, looking for a fast turnaround time, and value high quality work, look no further than Jack Bucknell at Sioux Falls Dent Repair. 5/5 every time.

~ Alan Helgeson

Jack did an amazing job on my mustang! I heard about him from a friend and the work was outstanding. Will definitely be back!!

~ Brandon Osborne

Had a dent that I didn’t think was repairable. Saw some of his work and it turns out I was wrong. Worth having him look at it even if you think it’s not fixable

~ Doug Washburn

I also run a local business, and Jack Bucknell is the only PDR guy we use. Also very professional and detailed.

~ Ambrosia Caylor Rerick

My car was a casualty of the recent hail storm. I took my car to Sioux Falls Dent Repair and Jack did an awesome job fixing her all up for me. He has a fast turn around time and the quality of work performed far exceeded my expectations. Jack was very positive and professional and the whole experience was great!

~ Dustin Clausen

5 Stars!!!

~ Jordan Westhoff

5 Stars!!!