Do it yourself Social Media

Get Started Using Google Drive

Here we walk you through how to get and use Google Drive for all of your file sharing needs.

5 Videos total

Get started on automated social media posting

Here we walk you through the introduction part of a social media posting tool we use.

From setting up your accounts and linking them to the app.

We then discuss uploading your own content or accessing the programs own platforms of stock images which are available from two different options with a lot of choices.

From there we show you how to create posts, setup categories, optimize posts for each platform, add hashtags and groups along with an extremely inexpensive and great hashtag too.

Then we then show you how to setup your posting calendar and how to let the system help you with your schedule posting times.

Next we then show you the backend and analytics side of things and how to see what kind of posts are doing great and which ones are not so great so you know what styles of content to continue to create.

This course contains 18 total videos

Quickly Edit and Optimize Photos Using Your Phone For Social Media

Here we will walk you through how to quickly and effectively edit all of your photo style content easily from your smart phone in just a few minutes. We have everything you need from the programs and apps to download to walking you through how to use the applications we use.

8 videos total