You already know you should be regularly posting on all your social media accounts.

You know this and we know this.


But why are you not doing this?


Let us help you with this crucial part of your business!

Social Media Packages:





Google My Business

Google My Business

What types of content would you like used?

Use Our Content

Your own

Mix it up!

We have access to hundreds if not thousands of dent related photos taken by us over the years as well as access to hundreds of thousands of great stock images. Our photos include:

  • Technicians working
  • Before and afters repairs
  • Mid repairs
  • R&I photos
  • Real world vehicle photos
  • Interaction photos
  • and more!

You can also have us use your own images! 

(Not available in the Get Started package)

For this option we can go multiple routes:

  • You provide content that needs no editing and is ready to be posted
  • Need help with adding your logo to your photos? Let us know and we are happy to help!
All custom content must be provided 5 days prior to the posting month, no exceptions!

If you do not have enough content of your own or would just like to mix it up and make your content last longer and be more spread out?

We can do that too!

Our Packages:

Get Started


Take Massive Action

Create awareness on social media

  • One post a week on all five platforms
  • No need to submit content we use ours!
  • Content consists of:
    • Before and after repairs
    • Technicians working
    • Real world car photos
  • Three hashtags per post, one being your business name and 2 personalized to the post.
    • Example: Photo shows a Toyota vehicle, we will use #toyota
20-25 Posts a Month

$200 a Month

  • Option to use your own content!
  • Two posts per week on all five platforms (3 on IG)
  • We also give you access to our content if you don’t have enough!
  • More added content categories:
    • R&I photos
    • Eye catching car photos
    • and much more!
  • Four hashtags per post, one being the business name. Others related to the post and content.
44-55 Posts a Month

$450 a month

What Would Jack Do? Here it is:

Dominate on all platforms and be the authority in your local market!

This package is suited for a person that wants to get the most exposure on social media.

Optimized post times and categorizes for each platform for each week:

  • Seven – Nine Instagram Posts
  • Four on Facebook
  • Four on Twitter
  • Three on LinkedIn
  • Three on Google My Business 
84-125 Posts a Month

$675 a month

Massive Action Breakdown:

More Post Categories:

We use the same categories as above but add even more options:

  • General posts
  • Blog posts from our site (Boosts SEO!)
  • Promotional
  • Inspirational
  • Tips and tricks
  • Industry news
  • More Photos options
    • Mid Repairs
    • Technicians working
    • Tools Used and Showcased
  • Educational content
  • Youtube direct video links

*Categories are dependant on also what types of content you provide.

Why post so much?

Every platform has its wants and needs, we simply follow what the platform wants for style of content and give it to them at the specific time it specifies. (First month included in the setup)

We can then analyze how the last month or months went and adjust posting times and categorizes for the new best posting times on each platform. Adjusting the times after the first setup is recommend at least every 2-3 months and can be done for an additional $50.00

  • Did you know that your social media pages can show up on a general search in your area? Not only are we the top organic ranking but our Facebook page, YouTube, twitter and LinkedIn are ALL on the first page of google!

By sharing YouTube links and blog posts that contain our YT videos it only helps our business name get more exposure!

Most post gets a direct CTA (Call To Action) which directs the customer to call, text or visit your website, certain exceptions on IG. This drives leads directly to you and boosts your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your website!

How about hashtags?

Each post gets your business hashtag along with up to 3 others that are related to the topic or post.

Instagram posts get the maximum of 30 hashtags for maximum exposure.

We are able to search for hashtags and find the highest ranking ones and use them for each specific posts!

  • Example, working on a BMW, use BMW friendly hashtags to get more people that like that manufacture interested in your services and pages!
  • Area Specific Hashtags: We can search your local area and come up with a list that will draw other local prospects to see your posts, including potential clients and businesses! Up to 2 specific areas are included. 
  • For additional area specific tags we can discuss this with you and what your best options are. (Prices are to be determined)

Are you using Google Adwords?

If so fantastic, we would heavily recommend having it setup and running a Retargeting campaign.

Why? Because once a customer visits your website, your ads will then follow them around the internet and retarget them and reengaging them! These ads can be run for pennies on the dollar!

What are hashtags?

Hashtags are a must for social media. They are a way to categorize your content and allow it to be easily found by others searching via hashtags, this allows people that have no idea who or what you are to find you. Once they find you having them see a fantastic looking portfolio engages them and creates likes, followers and more business awareness. This leads to more sales.

 You can go into the backend of Instagram for instance and find out specifically how many people saw your content from just a hashtag discovery!

What questions do you have for us?

Ready to get started?

If you’d like to talk more about this and what you would like done and what we can do for you Click below on the Email Us. From there we can setup a time to chat and get you setup with all of your needs.

Get us your photos!

In order to get your photos to us please upload all of your ready to post images to a google drive folder and then share that folder with us and make us an editor. Please add: [email protected] to your image folder.


If you need help setting this up please click below:

Want to train your staff or yourself to do this?

Social Media Sioux Falls South Dakota

We have created a few courses on how to learn how to do this including our 18 video course on social media automation posting.

Plus another courses for creating great content fast and easy on your phone.


Also our free course on how to use Google Drive!