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by | Oct 30, 2017 | Hail Damage

South Dakota Hail Damage

America’s mid-western states are home to a plethora of disastrous weather conditions. From tornado’s to floods, we just can’t catch a break. But one condition stands above the rest for its frequency and sheer damage output. On average hail storms cause about one billion dollars in crop and property damage every year. When South Dakota holds a prominent spot among the top ten hail affected cities it just makes sense to hire a hail repair team. Sioux Falls dent repair offers unparalleled hail repair services that are sure to impress. With affordable prices and fast turn arounds our Sioux Falls hail repair team will have you back on the road again in no time!

The Best Sioux Falls Hail Repair

Every year, hundreds of thousands of Americans file insurance claims for hail damage, so we’ve had a lot of practice. Over time our PDR techniques evolved to handle hail damage you wouldn’t even think was possible. In addition, our repairs are guaranteed to be done right the first time every time. We use only high quality, professional grade tools to ensure precise strikes and pulls. This means no more half baked jobs leaving your vehicle with a gross scratch or scar. Because we understand the value your vehicle holds, and treat every car with the same respect you would.

Fast Turn Arounds at Affordable Prices

Your vehicle is essential to your everyday life, but what happens when you need repairs? You have to leave your car at the shop, often for several days, or even a week. This can be a huge damper on anyone’s plans. Because of this we’ve trained with a special emphasis on speed to bring you the fastest Sioux Falls hail repair turn arounds. Now, you no longer need to waste money on uber or an expensive rental. Our times are some of the fastest in the PDR industry with most jobs taking only a few hours to complete. Even the toughest hail jobs won’t take more than a day or two. On top of that, we have the most competitive prices around. As a side effect of losing time, our processes have cut down on wasteful steps and useless materials. This ensures that you are receiving a fair rate with no wasted time.

For years our goal has been to bring Sioux Falls the high quality hail repairs that it needs. With affordable prices and convenient speeds for everyone we can now confidently say we’ve achieved this and more! Call 605-595-4061 today to find out what makes us the best in the Sioux Falls hail repair business!