PDR vs. Auto Body Shop Repair

PDR vs. Auto Body Shop Repair

At Sioux Falls Dent Repair, we have been repairing vehicles via the PDR method for a very long time. Even though it is our preference to repair cars with the paintless dent repair method whenever we can, there are some instances when our hands are tied. These situations can be:

  • When the customer insists for a repair via the traditional method
  • When the dent can’t be fixed by PDR

There’s a limited kind of dents that PDR can fix. If your car has a dent that we can’t use PDR on, we might have no option but to opt for an auto body shop repair. PDR is usually used on the casually occurring dents that are high in number. 

Which Dent Can You Use PDR On?

Round Dents

These dents are usually caused by hail, a football, basketball, or baseball. These dents are usually easy to repair and don’t cost much either. They leave a round circular dent on your vehicle. 


A car ding is normally caused by a shopping cart or by other vehicles. It’s easy to get a ding on your when your car is parked in a crowded parking lot. Dings are usually easy to repair. Even if your car has a scratch, a chip, or a crack in the paint, this damage can be removed. 


Crease dents are usually one of the complex ones we get. They are likely to stretch your car’s body – but that doesn’t mean they can’t be repaired with PDR. Because of the advancement of technology, crease dents are no longer the threat they used to be.

Dents apart from these are repaired with the auto body shop repair – but if you had to pick between PDR and an auto body shop repair – which one would you choose? 

PDR vs. Auto Body Shop Repair – Head to Head

The Process

To repair a dent with an auto body shop repair, a technician has to drill holes on the side of the dent. They then fill the dented part with body fillers and then paint over it to make it look like the dent has been repaired. While on the other hand, to fix a dent via the PDR method, the technician has to massage the dent from the back. PDR is a lot quicker than an auto body shop dent repair. 


Since a body filler and paint are used on an auto body shop repair, it is much more expensive than PDR which is a lot more affordable. An autobody shop repair also requires a lot of work that is exactly why it can take more out of your wallet. 

Car Life

When your car is shipped from the factory, it has a protective coating over the paint, which saves it from scratches and dings. When your car goes for an auto body shop repair, this layer is compromised. But when your car goes for a PDR, this layer isn’t even touched. With PDR, your car can look fresh for a longer time.  

So if your car needs a paintless dent repair – call Sioux falls dent repair for a fix or to get a free estimate. 

How PDR Can Save Your Car’s Factory Finish

How PDR Can Save Your Car’s Factory Finish

The traffic is unpredictable in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Seemingly, the rush hour never ends, and everyone is in a constant hurry to get from point A to point B. Because of unexpected conditions that can put any car in harm’s way – keeping your car safe from dents and dings in pandemonium can be a challenge of its own. Luckily for you, Sioux Falls dent repair in South Dakota can take care of all your problems. 

Our certified technicians have been repairing dent repair, ding repair, and windshield repair for the past several years. Their experience has allowed them to give every car the car shine it deserves. But with that being said – sometimes, our hands are tied. 

Even though it is our priority to fix dents via the paintless dent repair method – it isn’t possible all the time. 

What Can Be Repaired By PDR?

Sioux Falls Dent Repair would love to repair every dent of your car with PDR, but sadly that’s not possible. The dent repair process depends on the size of the dent and the damage it has done to your car. If your car has one of these 3 dents, paintless dent repair can be easily done:

  • Round Dents

A round dent is usually classified as hail damage. It can also be caused by basketball, golf ball, or baseball. If your car has a round dent – you don’t have to worry. PDR can be performed very easily on this dent and your car will be looking fresh in no time. 

  • Dings

A ding can be caused by a shopping cart or by another car in a congested parking lot. These dents are sharp and small. To avoid these dents, we recommend our customers to always park in a spot which has a lesser amount of vehicles. Congested spots make you a lot more prone to dents.

  • Creases

A crease used to be a complex dent that was not repairable via PDR for a long time. However, advances in PDR technology have made it easy to repair these dents with PDR now, too. Depending on the size of the dent, you might even have your car back in a day!

But why should anyone choose PDR anyway?

The Benefits of PDR

Protects the Factory Finish

Every car that is shipped from the factory to a showroom has a factory finish over it. We usually refer to this as the shine we see on the car. An autobody repair uses fillers and body paints over your vehicle that destroy the factory finish. Not only is your car repainted, but you also lose that beautiful shine. A PDR on the other hand does not even touch this finish at the time of the repair. Even after the process is complete – your car still looks fresh.

Prolongs the Life of Your Car

Another purpose of the factory finish on the paint is to protect your car from chips and cracks. As long as the factory finish stays on your car, your car is safe from problems like cracking paint and chips. 

If your car needs a PDR – head on over to Sioux Falls Dent Repair for a dent repair, or call us to get a free estimate of your damages. 

Nobody Wants to Buy a Car that’s Repainted

Nobody Wants to Buy a Car that’s Repainted

Nobody Wants to Buy a Car that’s Repainted

The idea of buying a used car can be appealing to many people in an economy like this. Car prices are through the roof, and it doesn’t seem like they’re coming back down any time soon. Because of this reason, many people in Sioux Falls, South Dakota opt to buy a resell that can get them a good value for their money. If you get your hands on the right resell – it might even seem like a steal. 

These cars are priced low and are almost as good as new. But even though resell cars can get you a good deal, or you might get a good deal on your resell car – few aspects are definite deal-breakers. For starters – a person who is in the market looking for a resell car probably knows the ins and outs of shtick. They know that a car which is repainted should not be bought because its value has been compromised.

But what could that mean?

Repainting vs. PDR

Paintless Dent Repair or PDR is a procedure that is the modern way of repairing dents and dings. The traditional way of repairing a dent used body fillers and paint to fix the dent in your car. Using these chemicals on your car can be damaging for its structural integrity. 

When your car is shipped from the factory, it has a protective coating that can prevent the paint from chipping off. While the PDR method doesn’t even touch this coating – a traditional repair destroys it.

Lower Value

A car that has been repainted also has a lesser value. No matter how hard you try to sell a car that has been repainted – almost every buyer will know the problem they’re getting themselves into. Because a repainted car does not have a factory coating on top of it – it has a weaker body if the parts have been exchanged for aftermarket ones, which gives it a lower value. This is one of the reasons why every buyer wants to stay away from a car that has been repainted.      

Get Repairs Done Before You Sell Your Car

One obvious way of increasing the value of your car before you sell it is by getting some quick repairs done. Some repairs like a paintless dent repair, a windshield repair, or getting your car repaired from hail damage can all help in increasing the value of your car drastically. 

But why should you get a paintless dent repair?

It’s Cost-Effective

One of the many reasons why people opt for a paintless dent repair is because it’s affordable. Since it’s light on the pocket, people can opt to get a PDR anytime. 

It’s Quick

Compared to traditional dent repair, the PDR process is much quicker and more efficient. Depending on the damage your car has sustained, most cars can get leave the shop the day they come in – yep, it’s that quick!

So if your car has sustained damage and you’re thinking of selling it – pay Sioux Falls Dent Repair a quick visit before you get a quote on your car. Contact us today or get a free estimate. 


Reasons You Should Not Ignore the Dents on Your Car

Reasons You Should Not Ignore the Dents on Your Car

Reasons You Should Not Ignore the Dents on Your Car

Since Sioux Falls has such unpredictable weather, you never know what kind of we ather your car will be exposed to. But what if your vehicle could talk? 

You would always hear your car nagging you to repair that ding or tiny dent that your car got last week when you were stuck in traffic. And why shouldn’t you? Your car’s resale value and appearance both depend on how frequently you maintain your car. 

But unfortunately, many residents of Sioux Falls turn a blind eye whenever their car gets a dent. Even though professional services like paintless dent repairs (PDR) and certified technicians are readily available – we still let tiny damages affect our vehicle’s drivability. 

If you’re one of those people who thinks that a dent or a ding won’t make much of a difference, we’re giving you 4 reasons why you should not ignore the dents on your car.

  • The Paint Can Chip Off

There are no two opinions about the fact that when your car’s body gets a dent on a specific point, your car’s body has weakened from that specific point. As your car ages and gets exposed to different kinds of weather, additional wear and tear can occur. 

This additional wear and tear can cause more paint to chip off from your car’s body because the sealant coat is damaged. Something even worse than the paint chipping off is the corrosion that can spread to other parts of your car. This can lead to additional chipping. 

  • Your Car Can Develop Rust

Damaged metal is the favorite spot for rust. If your car’s paint has chipped off, the spread of the rust can increase and dealing with the situation might become difficult. Not only does this make your car’s body weak, but it can also make your car look unappealing. Imagine going on your first date in a car that is heavily covered with rust – you’re not going to make a good impression!

There are various paintless dent repair shops in Sioux Falls that can get your car repaired on the same day you drop your car. And the best part is, a paintless dent repair can cost way less than a traditional dent repair. 

  • Exposure to Sunlight Can Make It Worse

On average, Sioux Falls has 211 days of sunlight per year. That’s more than half the year the sun will shine on your vehicle. The sun can cause the dents and dings to worsen faster and grow into a much bigger problem. 

If your vehicle is exposed to sunlight for longer periods of time, the paint will fade much faster and the molecular structure of your vehicle will start to break down. 

  • Paintless Dent Repair Is Cheap!

One of the many reasons you shouldn’t let a dent devalue your car is because nowadays, technology has made dent repair very convenient. With the help of certified technicians, you can get paintless dent repair on your car to remove all the dents and dings at a very affordable price. 

The best part is, PDR is safe for the environment, so you’re reducing your carbon footprint as well. If you’re interested in a dent repair, call us today for an appointment or visit our website to know more.

Door Ding Dent Removal Tools

Door Ding Dent Removal Tools

Door Ding Tools

Lets show you some of the door ding dent removal tools we use. These are some of the most common tools we use everyday.

Dent Inspection

First off we need to inspect the damage. We use our paintless dent repair light system to properly see the damage and assess how bad the damage is. From there we need to inspect access to the backside for us to make the proper repairs.

Selecting A Tool

After we have assessed where the dent damage is when then roll the window down for that door. From there we install a window guard and wedge light to see into the door assembly. Doing this allows us to see the backside of the damaged are and figure out if the damage is behind a brace or not. If the damage is behind a brace we will then you certain brace style tools to remove the damage. If the area is in a wide open spot then we will use a more traditional door tool. If the area is fully enclosed with no access to the backside we will then have to use glue pulling to pull the damage out. Knowing these three things greatly changes the repair method.

From there we use the appropriate tool to remove the damage to the door.




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