How PDR Can Save Your Car’s Factory Finish

How PDR Can Save Your Car’s Factory Finish

The traffic is unpredictable in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Seemingly, the rush hour never ends, and everyone is in a constant hurry to get from point A to point B. Because of unexpected conditions that can put any car in harm’s way – keeping your car safe from dents and dings in pandemonium can be a challenge of its own. Luckily for you, Sioux Falls dent repair in South Dakota can take care of all your problems. 

Our certified technicians have been repairing dent repair, ding repair, and windshield repair for the past several years. Their experience has allowed them to give every car the car shine it deserves. But with that being said – sometimes, our hands are tied. 

Even though it is our priority to fix dents via the paintless dent repair method – it isn’t possible all the time. 

What Can Be Repaired By PDR?

Sioux Falls Dent Repair would love to repair every dent of your car with PDR, but sadly that’s not possible. The dent repair process depends on the size of the dent and the damage it has done to your car. If your car has one of these 3 dents, paintless dent repair can be easily done:

  • Round Dents

A round dent is usually classified as hail damage. It can also be caused by basketball, golf ball, or baseball. If your car has a round dent – you don’t have to worry. PDR can be performed very easily on this dent and your car will be looking fresh in no time. 

  • Dings

A ding can be caused by a shopping cart or by another car in a congested parking lot. These dents are sharp and small. To avoid these dents, we recommend our customers to always park in a spot which has a lesser amount of vehicles. Congested spots make you a lot more prone to dents.

  • Creases

A crease used to be a complex dent that was not repairable via PDR for a long time. However, advances in PDR technology have made it easy to repair these dents with PDR now, too. Depending on the size of the dent, you might even have your car back in a day!

But why should anyone choose PDR anyway?

The Benefits of PDR

Protects the Factory Finish

Every car that is shipped from the factory to a showroom has a factory finish over it. We usually refer to this as the shine we see on the car. An autobody repair uses fillers and body paints over your vehicle that destroy the factory finish. Not only is your car repainted, but you also lose that beautiful shine. A PDR on the other hand does not even touch this finish at the time of the repair. Even after the process is complete – your car still looks fresh.

Prolongs the Life of Your Car

Another purpose of the factory finish on the paint is to protect your car from chips and cracks. As long as the factory finish stays on your car, your car is safe from problems like cracking paint and chips. 

If your car needs a PDR – head on over to Sioux Falls Dent Repair for a dent repair, or call us to get a free estimate of your damages. 

Reasons You Should Not Ignore the Dents on Your Car

Reasons You Should Not Ignore the Dents on Your Car

Reasons You Should Not Ignore the Dents on Your Car

Since Sioux Falls has such unpredictable weather, you never know what kind of we ather your car will be exposed to. But what if your vehicle could talk? 

You would always hear your car nagging you to repair that ding or tiny dent that your car got last week when you were stuck in traffic. And why shouldn’t you? Your car’s resale value and appearance both depend on how frequently you maintain your car. 

But unfortunately, many residents of Sioux Falls turn a blind eye whenever their car gets a dent. Even though professional services like paintless dent repairs (PDR) and certified technicians are readily available – we still let tiny damages affect our vehicle’s drivability. 

If you’re one of those people who thinks that a dent or a ding won’t make much of a difference, we’re giving you 4 reasons why you should not ignore the dents on your car.

  • The Paint Can Chip Off

There are no two opinions about the fact that when your car’s body gets a dent on a specific point, your car’s body has weakened from that specific point. As your car ages and gets exposed to different kinds of weather, additional wear and tear can occur. 

This additional wear and tear can cause more paint to chip off from your car’s body because the sealant coat is damaged. Something even worse than the paint chipping off is the corrosion that can spread to other parts of your car. This can lead to additional chipping. 

  • Your Car Can Develop Rust

Damaged metal is the favorite spot for rust. If your car’s paint has chipped off, the spread of the rust can increase and dealing with the situation might become difficult. Not only does this make your car’s body weak, but it can also make your car look unappealing. Imagine going on your first date in a car that is heavily covered with rust – you’re not going to make a good impression!

There are various paintless dent repair shops in Sioux Falls that can get your car repaired on the same day you drop your car. And the best part is, a paintless dent repair can cost way less than a traditional dent repair. 

  • Exposure to Sunlight Can Make It Worse

On average, Sioux Falls has 211 days of sunlight per year. That’s more than half the year the sun will shine on your vehicle. The sun can cause the dents and dings to worsen faster and grow into a much bigger problem. 

If your vehicle is exposed to sunlight for longer periods of time, the paint will fade much faster and the molecular structure of your vehicle will start to break down. 

  • Paintless Dent Repair Is Cheap!

One of the many reasons you shouldn’t let a dent devalue your car is because nowadays, technology has made dent repair very convenient. With the help of certified technicians, you can get paintless dent repair on your car to remove all the dents and dings at a very affordable price. 

The best part is, PDR is safe for the environment, so you’re reducing your carbon footprint as well. If you’re interested in a dent repair, call us today for an appointment or visit our website to know more.

Are Small Dents Worth Fixing?

Are Small Dents Worth Fixing?

Are Small Dents Worth Fixing?

This is very subjective to each person, are small dents worth fixing? First off which one of these people best describes you and your vehicle?

A Mode of Transportation

Some see a vehicle as disposable and will get rid of their vehicle in just a few short years. It is just a way of transportation. We get it, everyone has priorities in life. A vehicle is important just not so much cosmetically. To some if a vehicle starts up, runs, drives, has air conditioning and heat, that is all they want and need. A small dent or ding is so low on the priority list it is the LAST thing on their mind.


Detailed and OCD

On the other hand, some people place a lot of value in the condition of their vehicle. They may have a high case of OCD, have a very clean and well kept vehicle. This type of detail often extends to other parts of their lives. A very clean house, well maintained yard. Do you often dress more on the side of a business professional, wearing button up shirts, polos, slacks or a suit. Or maybe a dresses and heals are more your style. Now we hate to stereo type but it gives a good visual for a reader and to help explain. We have seen people in both styles drive many different style vehicles.

This person may often have their vehicle regularly washed, and I’m not talking about running it through a basic gas station car wash. I’m talking they take their vehicle to a professional detailer who goes though every nook and cranny of their vehicle to make it spotless. After the insides are deep cleaned the outside is then washed, buffed, polished and they may even have a ceramic coating applied. To put this simply, this is the same theory as wax but just the theory is where the differences stop. Ceramic coating is often times well over a thousand dollars to apply so just the thought of us mentioning wax as similar may make people scoff. We get it, but to explain this as basic as possible this is what most know and it is the easiest for others to compare the basic concept to.


Which Are You?

Do you have an idea of which person you may slightly lean to or we may have described you exactly.

If you are more like the first person we described then maybe that small dent or ding is not worth fixing to you. If you are more like the second person we described then to you a small dent or ding is worth every penny to make sure your baby is always in pristine condition and spotless.


Other Alternatives

Are you thinking of selling your vehicle soon? Is your vehicle a lease that you are needed to turn in soon?

We have a whole article discussing selling a car with dents, dings and hail damage you can

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Audi Dent Repair & Removal

Audi Dent Repair & Removal

Audi Dent Repair & Removal


Here we are walking you through the entire process on how we repair these door dings in this 2018 Audi Q5. This vehicle has only 8k miles on it! The customer originally brought it to us for the dent in the rear door. We gave her an estimate and scheduled the repair a couple weeks later. Later on the vehicle was brought to us for us to do the repair it had actually received another dent in the front door! We were able to do both of these repairs in an afternoon. The customer dropped the vehicle off before work and picked it up dent free after work.

In order to do these repairs we need to gain access to the backside of the damaged areas. We do this by first rolling down the windows of the damaged doors. We then install a stainless steel window guard between the window and the outer sheet metal of the door. This guard protects the window from any type of damage. It also allows us access to the damaged areas of the door without having to remove the door trim panel. We then install an inflatable window wedge in the door channel opening. We then pump it full of air to slowly and safely expand the window opening. From there we install our tools through the top of the window channel and are able to slowly work this metal out and make this dent slowly disappear.

Once the dents are then removed, we then take some extra steps to buff the minor scuffs in the paint from the impact that caused the dents. We then follow that with some rubbing compound and buffing followed by polishing the areas and a final wipe down to clean the panels off. The damage is now completely gone and undetectable, it’s like the damage had never even happened.


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Parking Lot Damage Prevention

Parking Lot Damage Prevention

The Dreaded Door Ding

You’ve had a long day and are just wanting to run to the store quick. You pull up to the closest spot to the door and jump out and go inside and get your items. Once returning to your vehicle you realize your vehicle has been struck with a door ding or unexpected damage. You feel upset, betrayed and in utter disbelief. Don’t put yourself in this position, follow some of these tips to minimize parking lot damage!

Parking Spots You Should Avoid:

Near The Store Entrance

Maybe it was raining, you’ll be in and out quickly, maybe you just don’t feel like walking any more today. We have all been there. While these spots can be the most convenient in some cases, if you come out to find a door ding or damage in your vehicle, all of that benefit goes out the window. Parking close to the store entrance opens you to a number of surprises. Typically these areas can have more random shopping carts scattered around, waiting to blow into your vehicle. These areas are also high in traffic and more traffic means a higher potential for other drivers parking near you, increasing your chance of damage.

Near or Beneath Trees

Trees can make you feel like your vehicle has some sort of shelter. While in a perfect world, that might be true, but remember mother nature can strike at any time. From furry critters sprinting along branches to random branches and nuts falling, these are all are all potential hazards for your vehicle. If you do insist on parking under an item for shade or safety, rely on a carport or some type of overhand instead.

Other Damaged Vehicles

Everyone gets into accidents from time to time, but vehicles with very big obviously damage should be avoided. If you see a vehicle with a door smashed in or similar  bigger damage this can raise a red flag. Why didn’t the vehicle owner have this damaged repaired? Does the vehicle have missing paint and big scratches? Especially with a newer vehicle it has to make you wonder why is this not repaired. If a driver is willing to neglect their own vehicle, what does it say about their thoughts on other vehicles on the roadways? Now we are not saying a damaged vehicle makes for a bad vehicle owner, but it has to make you wonder. If you have the chance to, park next to a more maintained vehicle.

So where DO you park?

Near Other Nicer Vehicles

Someone with a nicer newer vehicle typically tends to take better car of their new investment. This is especially true if the vehicle is a higher end model. Often if these vehicles ARE damage, they are repaired immediately because they want to keep their new car NEW.

Park Further Away From The Entrance

This is where you will often find nicer vehicles, people with a newly purchased vehicle tend to know, the small walk is worth it.


If your vehicle has  become a victim of parking lot damage, get in touch with us at Sioux Falls Dent Repair.


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