Parking Lot Damage Prevention

by | May 9, 2019 | Dent Repair, Educational

The Dreaded Door Ding

You’ve had a long day and are just wanting to run to the store quick. You pull up to the closest spot to the door and jump out and go inside and get your items. Once returning to your vehicle you realize your vehicle has been struck with a door ding or unexpected damage. You feel upset, betrayed and in utter disbelief. Don’t put yourself in this position, follow some of these tips to minimize parking lot damage!

Parking Spots You Should Avoid:

Near The Store Entrance

Maybe it was raining, you’ll be in and out quickly, maybe you just don’t feel like walking any more today. We have all been there. While these spots can be the most convenient in some cases, if you come out to find a door ding or damage in your vehicle, all of that benefit goes out the window. Parking close to the store entrance opens you to a number of surprises. Typically these areas can have more random shopping carts scattered around, waiting to blow into your vehicle. These areas are also high in traffic and more traffic means a higher potential for other drivers parking near you, increasing your chance of damage.

Near or Beneath Trees

Trees can make you feel like your vehicle has some sort of shelter. While in a perfect world, that might be true, but remember mother nature can strike at any time. From furry critters sprinting along branches to random branches and nuts falling, these are all are all potential hazards for your vehicle. If you do insist on parking under an item for shade or safety, rely on a carport or some type of overhand instead.

Other Damaged Vehicles

Everyone gets into accidents from time to time, but vehicles with very big obviously damage should be avoided. If you see a vehicle with a door smashed in or similar  bigger damage this can raise a red flag. Why didn’t the vehicle owner have this damaged repaired? Does the vehicle have missing paint and big scratches? Especially with a newer vehicle it has to make you wonder why is this not repaired. If a driver is willing to neglect their own vehicle, what does it say about their thoughts on other vehicles on the roadways? Now we are not saying a damaged vehicle makes for a bad vehicle owner, but it has to make you wonder. If you have the chance to, park next to a more maintained vehicle.

So where DO you park?

Near Other Nicer Vehicles

Someone with a nicer newer vehicle typically tends to take better car of their new investment. This is especially true if the vehicle is a higher end model. Often if these vehicles ARE damage, they are repaired immediately because they want to keep their new car NEW.

Park Further Away From The Entrance

This is where you will often find nicer vehicles, people with a newly purchased vehicle tend to know, the small walk is worth it.


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