5 Easy Ways to Prepare for the Sioux Falls Hail Season

by | Nov 29, 2017 | Uncategorized

Sioux Falls Hail Season

With Sioux Falls hail season coming right around the corner, there is no better time to start preparing your car for the icy onslaught. Here at Sioux Falls Dent Repair we specialize in completely removing hail damage. So who better to give you advice on protecting your car from the elements than the hail masters themselves. Here are five easy ways to prepare your car for the hail season.

1.) Consider Purchasing a Car Cover

Many modern homes don’t come with a built in garage or even covered parking. This is, without a doubt, the easiest way to protect your car from the hail season. Unfortunately, not everyone has the funds to build a brand new garage right away. Luckily, there are many cost efficient substitutes online such as this one that make a great temporary solution!

2.) Stay Updated On the Weather

The weather changes suddenly and unpredictably. Meteorologists can get a good idea of what’s to come, but they aren’t 100% accurate. Regardless, simply knowing when a storm is approaching can save your car a ton of hail damage. Therefore, we recommend downloading a weather app or just watching the morning news.

3.) If You’re Unprepared, Improvise

Sometimes the weather will catch you off guard and there’s nothing you can do about it. But being prepared for the unexpected is just a natural part of being a good driver. Pack some old pillows, sleeping bags, or blankets because they’ll come in handy later. When a storm is about to hit tape them to the hood of your car to help cushion the blows. If, for some reason, you find yourself without any of this then the floor mats in your car can make a decent shield to hail damage a pinch.

4.) Check Your Insurance For Comprehensive Coverage

Perhaps the best way to ensure your vehicles safety would be to upgrade your insurance plan. Comprehensive coverage pays to repair your vehicle if it is stolen or damaged, as long as it’s an accident, regardless of who is at fault. This is often overlooked by new drivers, and it is definitely worth looking into.

5.) Find a Repair Team for the Sioux Falls Hail Season

Finally, every responsible driver in Sioux Falls should have a dent repair team ready for the hail season. A team that has affordable rates, fast turn-arounds, and delivers high quality work. With our on site repairs, unbeatable prices, and years of experience we are sure to be the best hail crew around. Call 605-595-4061 today for your free quote!