Expert Motorcycle PDR Technicians With Sioux Falls Dent Repair

by | Nov 30, 2017 | Motorcycle Dent Repair

Sioux Falls Motorcycle PDR

Motorcycle PDR (paintless dent repair) is a difficult skill to come by due to its niche market and complexity. Often, it requires a lot of knowledge about the specific bike that is being repaired. But we aren’t the type to let a job pass us by. Our motorcycle PDR is unique to our business and you won’t find it anywhere else.

In Shop Repairs

Motorcycle PDR shops are not very common because most technicians don’t have experience with motorcycles. Usually, their work is dedicated to cars. Here at Sioux Falls Dent Repair we have several years of experience dedicated to motorcycle PDR. We do all of our work in shop so you don’t need to waste time dismantling, shipping, and waiting for your bike.

Specialized Tools & Techniques

Our repair instruments and processes were designed only with motorcycles in mind. We begin by isolating the parts that need the most attention. This allows us the freedom to approach a dent from any angle we need. The process does take a little more time than a standard repair but in combination with our state of the art tools you’ll be back on the road in no time!

Lowest Prices in Sioux Falls

MPDR might be more complicated than standard PDR but that won’t stop us from bringing the residents of Sioux Falls the lowest rates available. We base our quotes only on the damage we see on your bike. Nothing else. In addition, our repair process is short and simple so we don’t use any unnecessary materials or wasteful steps. You only pay for the work you see.

Motorcycle dent repair is not a common skill in Sioux Falls. It requires patience, proper tools, and most importantly experience. That is why most technicians specialize in either cars or bikes. But Sioux Falls Dent Repair has knowledge, equipment, and drive to tackle both. Call Sioux Falls Dent Repair today at 605-595-4061 for your free quote!