Why Does Everyone Like Sioux Falls Motorcycle PDR So Much?

by | Dec 26, 2017 | Motorcycle Dent Repair

You should never overlook a dent. They may seem inconsequential at first but they can quickly get out of hand if left unattended. Sioux Falls motorcycle PDR specializes in paintless dent repair, a process that gets rid of hail dents and other types of damage from the exterior surface of your motorcycle without disturbing the finish.

How PDR works

Just like any other type of repair, PDR has two options. You can bust out your toolbox or hire an experienced dent removal company like Sioux Falls motorcycle PDR. This task will need specialized tools that apply pressure to the surface to get rid of the dents. In some occasions, the process will include bonding a tab or other gadgets to the exterior of the surface to pull the dent from the upper side. Paintless dent repair does not require refinishing.

Benefits of Sioux Falls Motorcycle PDR

Fixing dents on a motorcycle was once an expensive and time-consuming repair task. However, this has changed tremendously with the introduction of the modern technology in the Sioux Falls motorcycle PDR industry. Paintless dent repair is ideal for small dents. In most cases, the repairing process is completed in an hour, and this saves the client’s money and time. Additionally, the process is recommended by both motorcycle manufactures and insurance companies. Here are a few advantages of choosing Sioux Falls motorcycle PDR over other methods:

• It is a time-saving technique: Paintless dent repair will take no more than one hour which is far better than the traditional techniques of using fillers and sanding and painting the affected area. The traditional techniques take a long weeks and this leaves a client without his or her car while the dent is being repaired.
• Affordable method: Since the procedure is less resource intensive you save money on labor and material cost.
• Offers the Best Results: since PDR entails reshaping the original panel material and preserving the original paint finish, there will be no color mismatching or filler adhesions. This assures that your repairs will be high quality and unnoticeable.
• Eco-friendly Process: PDR is an environmentally friendly process since it is the only procedure that preserves the original finish without using fillers or paints.

Sioux Falls Dent Repair are the leading professionals in the PDR industry. Contact us today at 605-595-4061 for your free quote. We’ll have you back on the road faster than you can say PDR!