A Complete Guide to Sioux Falls Door Crease Repair

by | Jan 19, 2018 | Educational

Sioux Falls Door Crease Repair

Among the myriad dents you could encounter in your lifetime as a driver, by far some of the most annoying are door creases. Crease dents are most commonly caused by car accidents but they can happen at any time. As a matter of fact, these types of dents can often be so troublesome that body shops may recommend installing entirely new panels! While in extreme cases this may be necessary, a good Sioux Falls door crease repair crew can get the job done in a fraction of the time it takes a body shop, and they can do it without lowering your resale value!

Causes of Dents

Dents can happen anytime and anywhere. They are just a sad fact of life. What’s important is knowing how they got there. Because this can provide valuable information on how to repair it. Most often a dent is caused by hail, gravel, a careless shopper, or something of the like. It’s usually pretty easy to tell based on where you received the dent. However, door creases are much easier to narrow down because they are uncommon. Generally, these are caused by a collision or somebody careless enough to strike your car with their door. How rude!

How Does PDR Work?

Now that you know the nature of the dent it’s time to learn how it’s fixed! Thankfully, paintless dent repair is an easy process to understand but a difficult one to master. Our Sioux Falls door crease repair team begins by finding the best way to access the damage. PDR requires access to the back side of the crease so some disassembly may be required however, it won’t be much. After we’ve determined the best way to approach the damage we start to slowly apply pressure to work the dent out. We use special tools to ‘massage’ the dent back into place with precision. So I suppose you could say we are professional car masseurs.

Why Choose PDR of a Body Shop?

Paintless dent repair is often overlooked simply due to its popularity; or rather lack thereof. Body shops have been the dominant form of repair for decades now and for good reason. PDR can’t fix everything. However, what it is capable of fixing is extremely varied, affordable, and quick. What takes a body shop three weeks to fix can take PDR three hours! Additionally, this can be done at a third of the cost without risking the resale value of your car!

While paintless dent repair isn’t a perfect end-all solution, it is a fantastic substitute to slow expensive body shops. Our Sioux Falls door crease repair team is experienced in all kinds of repair techniques so we are prepared to handle anything you throw our way! For the fastest and most affordable way to protect your vehicles resale value call Sioux Falls Dent Repair today at 605-595-4061 to book your appointment for a free estimate!