Before You Pick a Sioux Falls Body Repair Shop

by | Oct 29, 2018 | Dent Repair

So You’re Searching For a Sioux Falls Body Repair Shop…

Before deciding on your preferred Sioux Falls body repair shop take a moment to consider the other options available. Chances are when you scanned your brain for alternatives the results consist of a small list of local body shops. But are those your only options? Many drivers seem to believe body shops are the be-all end-all for surface level repairs, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Body shops are an excellent resource for collision repair, damaged metal, paint repair, and much more. However, when it comes to minor dents, hail damage, or most incidences where the paint remains intact PDR is likely going to be your most efficient option.

Why Not Go Paintless?

Most customers prefer paintless dent repair because it is quick and very affordable. Body shops usually take several days or even weeks to finish repairs due to their lengthy process. This process includes removing body panels, filling dents, sanding, and repainting. To put that into perspective, PDR is a two step process that requires no material components; only the tools and training of our professional technicians. We start by inspecting the damage with specialized lights. This creates shadows that can tell us exactly how wide or deep the dent is. Then we begin the process of removing the dent, either by applying pressure from behind, or by pulling it with glue or suction.

Paintless dent repair is beloved by so many drivers because of it’s non-invasive nature. No Sioux Falls body repair shop can guarantee your insurance rates remain the same, but PDR can! Our process is recognized and even supported by insurance companies all over the country because we never compromise the factory value of your paint finish. We have no need to. No part of our repair method alters even a single molecule of paint. This means no voided warranties, no mismatched paint, and no headache!