Advanced Driving Systems in Today’s Vehicles

by | Mar 25, 2019 | Educational


What is ADAS?

It stands for Advanced driver-assistance systems.

These systems are found on many new vehicles. They feature systems such as:

Why do today’s vehicles have these systems?


If you have a new vehicle chances are your vehicle features many of these systems. We recently attended an ADAS Calibration presentation put on by Autopart International. In order to work on today’s vehicles, you will also need to know what kind of systems the vehicle has and how to work with them. Most importantly how to make sure they are back to working order and calibrated AFTER repairs are done.

If these systems are not calibrated correctly they will misread what they interpreting and could CAUSE accidents. To insure the safety of the consumer, their vehicle and others on the roadways, this is extremely important step to make sure your car is taken to a reputable repair shop. Many systems when out of calibration will often NOT show any type of dash warning light, but with a vehicle diagnostic tool this will tell you if there is a fault in the system.

Where Was This Event At?

We attended this presentation in Rochester, NY at The Dent Guy’s Paintless Dent Repair shop. Here this class was geared towards the use of these systems in the Paintless Dent Repair industry. Many times in the Paintless Dent Repair Industry we are not dealing with major collisions like a typical body shop. The most common use of paintless dent repair would be with hail damage repair followed by minor door dings and minor collision repairs.

In order to gain access the dented areas, items must normally be taken apart in order to push these areas out with specialized tools. Taking items apart that feature any of these advanced systems are NOT as simply as unbolt and remove and reinstall. Items such as headlights, tail lights and headliners often need to removed to complete repairs.  That is just part of this process, after everything is put back together and the repair is made, these new systems need to be recalibrated to insure they are in proper specs by the original manufacture.

In this presentation we get a live demonstration of this calibration process, from setting up the measuring system and centering it with the vehicle, to setting the specifications used for this manufacture. Then we see what is all needed to actually calibrate a forward camera on this Toyota.

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