Paintless Dent Removal with Glue Pulling

by | Apr 11, 2019 | Dent Repair, Educational

Paintless Dent Removal with Glue Pulling

Have you ever wondered how we repair damage if we cannot get to the back side of the panel to push the damage out?

Well today we are going to answer that question for you.

For damage we cannot push out we have to resort to the glue pulling method of paintless dent removal. With this method we use a specialized glue in a glue gun, this glue gun is specifically made for paintless dent removal. We then apply this glue to a paintless dent removal glue tab, then glue this tab to the vehicle. We then use either a slider hammer or a mini lifter to pull the damage out. After a pull is made we then apply a release agent to remove the glue from the vehicle. From here we then repeat this process many times in order to pull the damage out. In is a very repetitive process but it is necessary to remove dents with no access.

You can see this entire process in this video we made a while back: