Motorcycle Dent Removal

by | Jul 6, 2019 | Motorcycle Dent Repair

Motorcycle Dent Removal

This is a repair we did on a Yamaha motorcycle. Traditionally in motorcycle dent removal the motorcycle gas tank sits on top of the motorcycle. The rider then has the gas tank between their legs. On this Yamaha model however,that is not the case. The gas tank actually rests under the seat on this bike. Where the tank would traditionally sit between the riders legs is actually just a metal cover that resembles a smaller gas tank but this is actually just covering the frame of the bike as well as the top of the engine assembly.

First thing we do in motorcycle dent removal is mount this engine cover to our motorcycle vice stand. This gives us a solid platform to mount the cover to so it will not move during the repair process. There is a lot of pressure and force that needs to be applied in order to push damage out of any item that has a dent in it and motorcycles are no exception. Once the cover is mounted we use all sorts of specialized tools some are even specifically made to work on motorcycles. Some of the biggest differences in a motorcycle specific tool and a traditional tool is the strength. While all dent removal tools are strong, motorcycles are extremely strong compared to a cars sheet metal. So the motorcycle specific tools are much more stout this allows us the apply force to the damaged areas and push them out and not have the tool bend in the process.  A tool that bends means there is a waste of energy being applied  to the repair and not all of the force from the technician is being applied to the repair making it more difficult resulting in a longer repair time as well creating more work for the technician.

In the end we use a combination of tools to get this damage out and make this engine cover dent free once again. The bike owner was thrilled with the results and happy to have a dent free motorcycle. He was especially happy since he was able to ride the bike to our shop, remove the cover and take off to work. Then later show up to pick it up and simply snap it back on the bike and go down the road once again.





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