Edgy Tools Demonstration by Dave Streen

by | Sep 18, 2019 | Educational, Tool Review

Edgy Tools

We had a chance to talk with Dave Streen with Edgy Tools at the Mobile Tech Expo. We talk about some of his latest tools and how to go about using them.

If you have not seen or used these before they are all must haves for any professional dent repair technician.

First off he highlights his revolutionary No Roll Knockdown. Like the name suggests, it won’t roll. You can simply lay it on any surface and unlike other traditional knockdowns it will not roll away. Lay it on a hood, roof, any top panel, even on glass and it will not roll away. Combine that with essentially 4 KNOCKDOWNS IN ONE! Each tip starts off as a polished metal tip on each end. Follow this up by installing his caps on them and you can customize your tips to your liking. Do you want to switch your style of knockdown? Simply remove the cap and install another style cap or leave the mirror polished tip. Simple, fast and effective.

For Knockdown tips his most popular is the Pirate Peg Leg. This is one of our personal favorites we even picked up an extra tip to have around the shop just in case. This tip has been featured in multiple dent competitions and even resulting with this tool helping techs WIN these world recognized competitions. Shortly after this interview the technician who was mentioned took home the 2nd place trophy for the first ever PDR Dent Trials.

Next Dave discuses with us his blending hammer head style tips. The Polished Knob and The Knockers blending hammer tips. I have no idea the kind of witch craft that went specifically into The Knockers tip but it is revolutionary and was heavily talked about by all of the top guys at the 2019 PDR College Advanced Skills Seminar. Not only does Dave love this tips but so do his techs!

The newest thing to be highlighted by Edgy Tools was the release of their very own glue tabs. These glue tabs may look like many others but just like golf balls, they all look the same but all perform different. Be sure to try these new tabs out!

The finger ding ring was the next to be talked about. No longer are you chasing around your knockdown because its always on your finger. This is specifically highlighted as being great when working on box sides of trucks. You’re laying on the ground working away and no longer are you having to shift and get out of your position to find your knockdown on the ground, its simply on your finger ready to go.

Next he highlights his tire tower. This is the Tool you didn’t know you needed! If you have been doing dent repair for any amount of time there always comes a point in time where you decide to use your hand as a leverage point and not only that but you specifically pry off of your hand with it resting between your tool and a tire. This is quick to get you a very mediocre push and put extreme stress on not only your hand but also create issues with your tool not having a solid point to leverage off of.

You no longer need to do this, with the invention of the revolutionary tire tower and its newly released handle created by Danial Gromm (The motorcycle PDR King) your hand and body will rest easy knowing you are getting a better push on dents without any stress on your body, after all your hands are your key to doing paintless dent repair, why would you jeopardize their health with poor pushing also resulting in a poor repair.

For more information on any of these tools and many more tools sold by Edgy Tools visit their website:

Edgy Tools Gator

Edgy Tools Gator