A New Tool from Keco Body Repair Products

by | Sep 26, 2019 | Educational, Tool Review

New Keco Body Repair Products

We had a chance to chat with Gene Fetty with KECO Body Repair Products and learn about one of their newest products at the 2019 Mobile Tech Expo in Las Vegas!
This is called The Ergo Power Grip. This tool simply attaches to your adjustable handle tools and allows you to multiply your pushing power.
You can use it with a twisting motion, often used when repairing door dents and dings. The handle is completely adjustable allowing you to use it in many configurations.
You can also use to push from the sides of vehicles, this would be very common in panels such as the quarter panels or fenders in certain angles. You can even use it to multiply your pushing power through a wiring harness hole like shown in the video with Crystal at Push Metal Gear.
Also when repairing flat panels, say a hood for instance you can instantly multiply your pushing force. This puts less stress on your body and allows you to make even more precise pushes more comfortably.
You can purchase this grip coming soon from:
See another tool we checked out at the Mobile Tech Expo: