How Do Electronic Heat Induction Tools Help Remove Hail Dents?

by | Jun 5, 2020 | Educational, Hail Damage

How Do Electronic Heat Induction Tools Help Remove Hail Dents?

Hail dents can cause a real amount of damage to a vehicle, and be very annoying to look at, and can even drive the price of your car down by hundreds of dollars, for a good reason: they can be hard to get out. Many times the process of getting dents out can even make the spot look worse, as it leads to mismatched paint jobs and a more noticeable amount of damage. Luckily, Sioux Falls Dent Repair uses a number of methods in order to save your car’s value and its appearance. Sioux Falls Dent repair can repair your dents in a couple of manners, some of which include:


  • Electronic Heat Induction Tools

  • Push and Pull Methods



Sioux Falls Dent Repair is the premier paintless dent repair specialist in the Sioux Falls region and the entire surrounding area. We can remove dents of all sizes, including hail damage dents in your vehicle, all without resorting to using any painting or bondo, as more traditional body shops are keen on doing. We utilize special tools in order to push and pull damaged metal out. This includes metals such as steel, high strength steel, and aluminum. 


By using our paintless dent repair services, you are enabling your vehicle to retain the superior paint job it received in the factory, and as a result, there will be no color mismatch or peeling paint. Additionally, you won’t have any negative CarFax history report, and there will be no way of detecting that there was ever any damage to your vehicle. Most amazingly, however, is that it only takes a few hours, and you won’t have to leave your car at a body shop for a couple of days.

Electronic Heat Induction Tools

Electronic heat induction tools are typically handheld units that are aimed at making the removal of hail dents and small door dings easier and safer for the vehicle. The tools are designed to be very quick and easy to use, making them highly efficient for body shops, dent repair shops, and even laymen. The appliance generally comes with a number of settings that can be appropriately adjusted depending on the application of it. 


It is specifically designed for paintless dent repairs, and it allows paintless dent repair technicians to remove small soft dents by lifting the small soft dent through the magnetic heat induction. “Small soft dents” are dents that don’t leave sharp impressions and don’t have creases. Ideally, these dents come out perfectly within one minute, while others may take a couple of minutes when used in tandem with other paintless dent removal techniques. 


Some of these other techniques include glue pulling techniques and the use of traditional paintless dent repair tools. Electronic heat induction tools save time and money for both the technician and the vehicle’s owner, and it always creates a large return on the investment into paintless dent repair, for the owner and technician alike. 


You can call or text Sioux Fall Dent Repair today if you have hail damage, dings or dents on your vehicle for a free damage assessment. Call or text 605-250-1023. Let us bring your vehicle back to its original condition.