Dents and Discussions

by | Oct 2, 2020 | Educational, News

Dents and Discussions

Who doesn’t like to talk about dents? Ok so maybe not everyone does but we sure do. We were featured on a live dent related live show last night on Youtube and Facebook. Here we talk with Ryan Shutt at RPS Dent Specialist




About The Show

Ryan, the host, has over 19 years in the paintless dent repair industry and has been hosting the Dent Digest show every Thursday live on Facebook and Youtube. We were invited on by Ryan to chat about our Dent Repair Industry. We discussed some newer tools, did a tool giveaway to those that participated in last weeks show suggestions. We also discussed some of our favorite or game changing tools. Our technician Jack Bucknell was on and mentioned some of his favorite tools where his Daniel Gromm 144 blending hammer with the Endeavor Crown Jewel tips. This hammer also features the Edgy Tools D-Cup Knockers tip. Jack then went to show his second tool would be his scan tool. He was showcasing the Autel MS906ts Scan tool. With this tool he is able to be compliant and follow the vehicle manufactures required scans that need to be performed on today’s vehicles. This is often an overlooked part of the paintless dent repair industry. Finishing off Jack’s selection for his tools was his camera. Shown is the Canon EOS R with the Canon RF 15-35mm L USM Lens.  If you follow him or Sioux Falls Dent Repair on social media you will always see some type of new video and photo related content. Most of the newer videos will be released on the new camera and any live videos are shot on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus.

Thanks again to Ryan for having us on his show we really appreciate the invite and it was really fun and packed full of info!



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