Benefits of Using PDR for Hail Repair

by | Nov 26, 2020 | Educational, Hail Damage

Benefits of Using PDR for Hail Repair

Ugh, it happened again!

The weather in Sioux falls seemed to be amazing! It was sunny for the better part of the day and then BOOM!

You’re hit with a hail storm. 

You look outside with sights of desperation to check if your car is parked safely, but – no, it’s not. In fact, you can even see the hail damage starting to happen. You’re hearing all kinds of dents piling up on your car, and all you can do is sit and watch.  

You continue to see hail the size of a golf ball attack your car mercilessly, as you sit there, confused, thinking of your next step. 

Now what? 

Well – we handle situations like these every day. This is when you give a call to Sioux Falls Dent Repair. We’ll immediately get you an appointment so we can help you in your time of need. 

But why would anyone need a paintless dent repair (PDR) anyway? You’ll be surprised! As it turns out – there are various advantages to getting a PDR on a hail damaged car. 

Benefits you weren’t even aware of! 

Keep on reading to know these advantages and let us take care of the rest!

The Benefits of PDR

  • Repairing Hail Damage in a Cost-Effective Way

Paintless dent repair (PDR) is a lot more cost-effective than a normal dent repair that you can get with paint. Apart from the service cost being lower than painting your car, PDR also helps you save the paint of your car. Always remember, the original paint done by the manufacturer always has the best coat, and it is also the strongest!

Try not to remove that paint!

  • PDR Is Faster!

Compared to painting cars carefully, PDR can be a lot faster! Depending on the damage your vehicle has sustained, it may take only a few hours! If the hail-storm was a big storm and many cars were damaged – you might have to wait weeks for regular hail repair. That is why we recommend going for PDR!

  • PDR Is Environmentally Friendly

The paints that are used on cars can be highly toxic fumes. These fumes can cause lung damage. They also release dangerous toxins that become a part of our environment that can harm animals, too. Since there is no paint involved in the PDR process, your footprint on the environment will be minimal!

You also won’t have to worry about polluting breath-taking Sioux Falls!

  • Retaining Value

A traditional dent repair will make use of different kinds of materials. These materials can be body fillers and paint that will be used on damaged areas. The use of these extra materials on your car’s body can reduce the value of the car.

On the other hand, PDR will help you maintain your car’s value. If you leave your car to a skilled technician, they will rectify the hail-damages your car sustained by using exclusive PDR procedures and tools. Because of their skill and the PDR method, the original factory look of the car won’t be altered. You’ll also be free of any concerns related to color differences or over spraying.

Is Your Car Eligible for PDR?

To learn more about PDR, drop by at our convenient locations or contact us now! You can also get a free damage assessment to understand the situation better.