The Wedge Light – Inspection tool for Paintless Dent Repair

by | Nov 29, 2020 | Educational, Instagram Live

The Wedge Light

See one of the tools we use to help us inspect vehicles for damage. It also makes for a faster inspection. This tool is the Wedge Light from Edgy Tools. This tool allows us to wedge the door upper channel open and then turn the light on and shine it into the door cavity from the top window opening.

How Does This Help

This tool helps speed up the estimating process so we can see where the damage is located in relation to the internal bracing and sound deadener in the door assembly. Prior to this tool we would have to use a separate wedge and spread the door open then use a smaller flash light and shine it in the door opening. Doing this worked ok, but the wedge light illuminates the entire door in one shot. So now we only need one tool instead of 2. Also the wedge light has an amazing battery and is rechargeable through a USB port. We pulled this out of the box when new and used it for over 9 months without recharging! Now that is awesome!



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