Subaru Plastic Bumper Dent Removal

by | Mar 16, 2021 | Educational, Instagram Live

Subaru Plastic Bumper Dent Removal

Today, we take on a dented Subaru bumper that seemed to have backed into something. This was a typical PDR (Paintless Dent Repair) job for us, however, when the owner took the car to a body shop to get a quote, they were given an $800-$900 estimate.

The Damage

A closer look at the damaged area, we found that there was a little bit of paint damage and scuffing around the dent. Nothing about the repair was too extreme, which was a blessing for both us, and the customer. In fact, the customer brought along some Subaru touch-up paint for their car so that we didn’t have to look for the perfect matching shade.

Perfect Situation

When it comes to PDR, bumpers are not really the ideal part to repair because they normally have broken plastic or severe spider paint cracks. Nevertheless, as I mentioned earlier, this repair was exactly what PDR is about with regards to very few touch-up spots. And a bonus for us was that the car was a black one so the touch-up paint that we used wouldn’t really stand out, unless you go looking for it.

Paint Touch Up

The customer wasn’t too concerned about the touch-up paint job as we were able to quote the repair at just a fraction of what was being asked for by the body shop they visited. Now, the difference here is that a body shop will actually disassemble, repair, and repaint the entire bumper and what we do is pull the dent out and touch-up the area without covering the original paint job. The vehicle is a 2012 Subaru Legacy with a good amount of wear and tear across the body but the owner is satisfied with its performance and doesn’t really want to spend a lot on repairs.


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