Leverage Accessories for PDR

by | Apr 12, 2021 | Instagram Live, Tool Review

Leverage Accessories for PDR

In today’s video we are going to go through a couple of the leveraging tools that we use at Sioux Falls Dent Repair to push out dents and repair some of the damage using PDR. The idea for this video came from one of the earlier videos we made about the hood props and how they help hold panels open so that we can work better.

We use hangars that hook onto the panel we’re working on and we can then use that for leverage and get our tools to do the work. The original “S” hooks work great but they are not as durable as the latest ones available now. We have one of the first Edgy Tools hangers that works amazingly to get out dents and damage with ease. It simply hooks onto the underside of the panel and we can put a tool into the space in the hanger to give us a lot more leverage to push out a dent. The upgraded version of the hanger comes with an extra hole for smaller tools for a more precise finish to any job.

The next tool we use is called the 3-Way Step Hanger. This tool takes away the need for hooking up two smaller hangers as it comes with three different points of leverage. It also makes working on multiple dents easier as you don’t have to remove the tool to get to the next point of leverage. Another hanger from EdgyTools that we use quite often is the Ninja Flat Bar Hanger. This tool is perfect for using a dent dial and is probably the best and most durable dent dial leverage tool in the market.

The Magnum XL hanger is another tool that comes in handy when we need to get rid of larger dents and need to use bigger tools. The hole on the Magnum XL is, as you can see, bigger than the regular which might not allow bigger tools to pass through.

All the tools listed here are extremely durable and probably impossible to break or even bend when using them for dent repair work. They are quite versatile and can be used on practically any panel on a car.





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