PDR Light – A Must For Any Dent Removal Inspection!

by | Apr 28, 2021 | Instagram Live, Tool Review

PDR Light – A Must For Any Dent Removal Inspection!

Today, we are fixing a crease dent on the right side fender of a Dodge Ram pickup truck and discuss the importance of using a PDR light for not only repairs, but also for preparing estimates and carrying out inspections.

A PDR light allows us to see the actual scale of the damage – something a normal cannot provide. As you can see, under the store lights, not a lot can be distinguished in terms of the dent and the damage on the fender. It is relatively invisible unless the dent is pointed out. However, when the PDR lights are focused on the area, the damage becomes instantly visible. The entire length of the crease dent can be seen clearly.

Getting a dent like this out requires us to gain access through the headlight so we had to remove it before getting to work. Plus we noticed another small dent just above the headlight so taking it off would allow us to repair both dents easily. Something else that helps us see dents clearly is the ceiling in our shop. There are lines across the ceiling and the reflection of those lines gets distorted on the top-facing panels that we have to fix.

The owner of the car is one of our repeat customers and he has approached us on quite a few occasions, even with a different car. So, he’s just one of the many happy customers we have at Sioux Falls Dent Repair. We will be working on the fender and some other minor dents in the door before we get the truck back to him.





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