Hail Damage Repairs | A Quick Guide

by | Jun 19, 2021 | Educational, Hail Damage

Hail Damage Repairs | A Quick Guide

Each year, hailstorms cause havoc on dozens of vehicles, leaving people caught up in the dilemma of choosing the best hail damage repair for their car. 

This article will guide you regarding the various options you have and help you decide which one will suit your vehicle best.

Know Your Rights and Options

You must know what rights and options your insurance coverage provides. Customers have the right to choose the company they think is the best for their car repair. 

Your car can either receive minor superficial damage from hail or may be totally destroyed. The value of your vehicle and the extent of the loss all go into whether or not it’s worth filing a claim with the insurance provider.

If the expense of fixing minimal hail damage does not surpass the insurance, it isn’t worth filing a claim since you would be responsible for the damages. You’ll be better off buying a new car than making a claim if your car is wrecked, your premium is heavy, and your car is old and not worth anything anyway.

Remember, the hail exposure will depreciate the worth of your vehicle. If your insurance is $1,000 and your car is now only worth $2,000 due to hail injury, it’s not worth the money to repair it.

If your vehicle is still relatively new and the hail damage is minor, you can make a claim. You can choose whether to do the repairs or keep the check if you own the car outright.

Hail Repair Options 

We can repair hail damage in several different ways. 

  • Paintless Dent Removal

Paintless dent removal is a simple, low-cost, and easy way to repair dents without repainting the car.

This method is often employed when a significant-sized hail damages the exterior of your car, leaving dents and dings all over. It’s utilized when repairing outer panel strikes and indentations that don’t spoil your car’s original paint. This technique, also called PDR, will save a sufficient amount of your time and money, retain your car’s original factory paint, and preserve the look of your vehicle.

  • Traditional Dent Repair

PDR could not be possible with sharper dents or dings that have cracked the vehicle’s surface. In these circumstances, traditional dent repair is performed, including filling and repainting the dent or removing the broken portion or panel.

  • Auto Body Repairs

Hail can cause damage to windshields, walls, and sunroofs, necessitating auto glass repairs. Cracks in your windshield should be fixed as soon as possible because they can hinder your visibility when driving and even adversely affect your vehicle’s structure.

Get Professional Hail Damage Services From Sioux Falls Today

Certified Technicians at Sioux Falls provide premium services that save a sufficient amount of your time and money, retain your car’s original factory paint, and preserve the look of your car.

If you consider Paintless Dent Removal or other auto bodywork for your vehicle, get in touch with Sioux Falls for free estimates and a seamless hail damage repair process.