Hail Damage? Be Careful Using the Insurance Company’s Lowest Bidder

by | Jul 3, 2021 | Educational, Hail Damage

Hail Damage? Be Careful Using the Insurance Company’s Lowest Bidder

Residents of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, are sure to encounter hailstorms and subsequent damage to their properties. Their cars can take significant hail damage if they are unlucky enough to park them outdoors during a hailstorm.

Hail damage on cars can cause their roof, hood, and trunk to bear dents and dings. If the hailstorm is severe, the sides and fenders can also get dents and dings. Hail damage on cars can be very costly in the long run if it’s not immediately fixed.

Dents and dings can corrode the paint over time and expose the body parts to the elements, which can cause them to rust.

Hail Damage Repair

Your best bet for repairing hail damage is visiting Sioux Fall Dent Repair. They are the best at repairing dents and dings on any make or model of car. They have experienced and professional certified technicians, who can perform paintless dent repair (PDR).

PDR is what you want to opt for when your car sustains dents and dings from hail damage because it is the fastest and most non-invasive dent repair method. It can restore your car to its original form without any scraping, fillers, or repainting at a reasonable cost.

The best part: Sioux Falls Dent Repair accepts most insurance providers that cover hail damage on your car. They will cover the costs of your PDR; however, you must be careful using the insurance company’s bidders.

Be Careful Using the Insurance Company’s Lowest Bidder

Insurance companies usually offer repair bids from 3 repair shops on their panel. You can choose one of them or opt for your repair shop. These repair shops typically make low bids to keep getting work from your insurance company.

Choosing the lowest bidder for repairs to save money may not be your best option that they may cut corners. Most importantly, you want to look for repair shops that are experienced and have certified technicians.

The good news is that you do not have to opt for the repair shops that your insurance provider offers you. You can choose your repair shop and in Sioux Falls, South Dakota; hence, choose Sioux Fall Dent Repair for PDR on your hail-damaged car.

Why Sioux Falls Dent Repair Services?

The main reason you want to opt for Sioux Falls Dent Repair is that they have certified, experienced technicians that can perform PDR for the best results. They have expertise in performing PDR on any make and model. Rest assured that your car is in good hands and they’ll do a satisfactory dent repair job.

Sioux Falls Dent Repair gives you an economical free estimate on your damage, and you can trust the best repairs for the dents, dings, and hail damage on your car.

If you want to learn more about paintless dent repair, insurance company biddings, or simply to get a free estimate for the dents and dings on your car, Click Here Today!