Ford Dent Removal in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

by | Oct 12, 2021 | Dent Repair, Instagram Live

Ford Dent Removal in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Today, Jack from Sioux Falls Dent Repair will be taking on a huge dent repair on a 2015 Ford Edge. The dent is on the back liftgate below the license plate and runs through a body line in the back as well. There is also some minor paint damage that the customer was made aware of. Jack says that this is the perfect example of what PDR is all about and how much damage it can actually take out without having to repaint anything. Unlike a body shop, through the PDR method, Jack was able to take out the dent in about one day. Luckily, the customer brought the car in just after having it washed which made the repair process even faster.

Jack goes on to explain that there are certain OEM guidelines that have to be followed when dealing with any repair process. This vehicle, being a Ford, Jack had to run a pre-scan to ensure that he knew what was damaged before he could start working on it. To fix the dent on the liftgate, Jack has to remove the trim panel and disconnect the battery and explains why it is important to do a pre-scan in such cases. A pre-scan lets technicians know what is working and what is not before they start working on it so that they can either put it back the way it was or inform the owner and get it fixed (if possible). After Jack completed the pre-scan, he was greeted with 4 different codes – only for the area that he was going to be working on.




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