Toyota Tundra Tail Light Removal Tip 

by | Nov 1, 2021 | Educational, Tool Review

Toyota Tundra Tail Light Removal Tip 

Today, Jack introduces us to the very first “Tool-Tech Tip Tuesday” episode and will take us through the steps of removing a tail light from a 2015 Toyota Tundra pick-up truck. There is a twist though, as Jack will not be using a traditional tool used for light uninstallations. Instead, he is using a window wedge from Stuckey Tools that creates a gap in the window channel – but it works, so why not?


Once the tailgate assembly is lowered, Jack shows us that two torx screws hold the tail light in place. Once those are out, Jack explains that there are a couple of guide pins that actually require the light to be pushed out sideways rather than pulled out from the back (as seen on older models).


This is where the window wedge tool comes in. Because the tool is made from plastic, there are no worries about scratching the paint or damaging the metal while removing the light. As you can see, Jack simply pushes the wedge tool into the seam of the light and it pops out easily.



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