Beware of Scammers When It Comes to Hail Damage

by | Jan 25, 2022 | Educational, Hail Damage

Beware of Scammers When It Comes to Hail Damage


What Is Hail Damage? 

Hail is a type of precipitation that formed when water droplets freeze in the upper areas of clouds. Hail fall to the earth in chunks or balls of ice. When hail falls quickly on your automobile, it’s only natural that it will cause some damage. Hail damage occurs in the form of small indentations on your car’s body and as cracks in the windows and windshield. Hail is particularly a problem in states like Texas and Colorado, but sometimes in South Dakota too.  Therefore, it’s wise to know what to look for when getting hail damage fixed.

What to Look For When Choosing a Company for Dent Repair for Hail Damage and How to Identify a Scammer


Do they suggest Paintless Dent Repair

It is common knowledge in the auto-repair market that Paintless Dent Repair works very well for dents caused by hail damage. If they’re not suggesting it to you, they’re likely trying to waste your time and money. 

How long have they been around?

If the company has been around for a short time, it might not have the experience needed to fix hail damage. Still, ask about the experience of the technicians working there and try to construe if the staff is aware of the trends in the business. This is likely to give you a better idea of how reliable they are. 

Are they honest with you?

Do your research on hail damage repair and make sure that you’re aware of the market’s prices and trends. If their estimates don’t add up with your research, leave. They’re very likely trying to make a quick buck out of your ignorance. 

What are their claims? 

Do they offer a warranty or a guarantee? Places that have faith in their work and years of experience also back up their claims with action. If they’re offering a warranty, they’re likely to be legit.

How do they treat you?

Are they making sure you’re a part of the process at every step of the way? Do they inform you of the timeline that the repair will take, or are they calm and condescending? The last thing you want is to pick a company that’s not willing to listen to you. They’ll end up billing you for a procedure that you didn’t consent to. 

Cheaper Dent Repair Ads – Another Scam

Your auto mechanic charges a fee because body repair is time-consuming work, and they have the expertise for it. Cheaper dent repair ads that show up are just another way that scammers are targeting. A lower price point doesn’t equate to quality work, which is why you should never give in to such ads. 

Benefits of PDR Using a Professional Company

Paintless dent removal, as stated before, is one of the most budget and time-friendly ways to fix hail damage. At Sioux Falls, we ensure that our service and work speak for themselves. We are transparent about our process and will constantly keep you updated. Our ARC certified technicians ensure that your car’s value is retained. Using our specialized tools, we try to make sure that your car looks good as new. 

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