How to Protect Your Car from Dents This Summer

by | Mar 7, 2022 | Dent Repair, Educational

How to Protect Your Car from Dents This Summer


As summer rolls in, there are more people and cars in town than in another season. Kids are off from school, and most convince their parents to drive them around so they can enjoy the warm weather  as well as people traveling or roadtripping. With the greater number of people outside, how can you protect your car from getting dings and dents in the summer

How to Protect Your Car From Dents In The Summer 

Be Wary of Kids

If the kids in your neighborhood are coming out of their homes to play ball and drive around on their bikes and skateboards, you may want to move your car out of the street and into the garage. You’re eliminating the likelihood of a speeding child on a bike hurting themselves against your car or even just damaging your car.

Empty Your Garage

If you choose to park your car in the garage, make sure that the garage itself doesn’t have objects that may cause dents and dings on your car. If your kid has a bike in the garage, make sure it’s further away from yours, so they don’t cause any crease dents using the handlebars. Also ensure that there are no boxes that can topple and cause harm..

Take Care When Parking 

Summers are a time where the parking lots are always overflowing with people. Make sure that you park away from the rest of the cars. This way, you can get in a walk and also avoid any dent in your car.

What if I Still Get Dents in the Summer

After taking all the necessary precautions, you still get a dent in your car, do not worry. Get it to the auto shop as quickly as you can. They will likely fix it using Paintless Dent Repair, and you can be well on your way home before dinner. But be very sure to fix the dent as quickly as possible; if you delay it, the following things might happen.

1) There May Be Further Damage

Further damage could occur due to the dent already being a tender spot on the vehicle’s body. If this area receives a softer blow in this spot, it is likely it will cave in further and cause permanent damage to the car. 

2) There May Be Weathering 

If you let the dent fester, water or air may wear it down, leading to rusting. Rusting annihilates the panel of the body, and you will have to replace it. 

3) It Will Cost You More 

As a result of the two reasons mentioned above, the damage will increase to the point that waiting around will cost you more money than just getting it fixed as soon as the problem arises. 

Why PDR Is the Best Method for Repairing Dings

  1. It is less costly
  2. It is non-invasive
  3. It saves time 
  4. It is environmentally friendly.

Why You Should Use Sioux Falls Dent Repair Services

Here at Sioux Falls, we have a great team of certified technicians with years of experience in PDR. We provide a very convenient service which means you will only have to come into our garage a few times. We aim to provide the best service for you and make sure that you have a great experience with us.

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