How to Fix Hail Damage in Sioux Falls

by | Aug 10, 2022 | Educational, Hail Damage

How to Fix Hail Damage in Sioux Falls


Living in the scenic Sioux Falls, South Dakota, is a dream come true for many. However, it comes with its own challenges. One of them is the occasional hail that residents experience from time to time.

While it isn’t always destructive, if your car is parked in the open during a hailstorm or if you are en route to your destination, hail can prove highly damaging for the body of your precious car.

However, the silver lining is that you don’t have to leave it at the garage for days to get mediocre results from expensive, traditional dent repair services. You now have the option of paintless dent repair (PDR).

How to Fix Hail Damage in Sioux Falls

Hail damage in Sioux Falls creates a plethora of tiny dents and dings on your car’s hood, roof, and trunk. While you may only see a dozen or two with your naked eye, there are actually over 100 dents and dings on your car from a single hail event.

Traditional dent repair will not get them all, take too much time, cost a fortune, and give you poor results. However, PDR can do it better.

What Is PDR?

Paintless dent repair or PDR is the latest and greatest in dent repair. It is a simple yet infinitely more effective dent removal process with immense benefits.

The PDR process entails three steps. First, your car is thoroughly cleaned to remove dirt and the elements. Next, a PDR-certified technician, like those at Sioux Falls Dent Repair, uses a special PDR UV light to expose and identify all the dents and dings, even the tiniest ones.

Then, the technician uses PDR techniques and tools to remove all the dents and dings with their hands gently. That’s it!

All it takes is the skill and experience of a PDR-certified technician.

Benefits of PDR for Hail Damage

Paintless dent repair has numerous benefits for dents and dings caused by hail damage, including:

  • Costs

Hail damage repair is expensive because traditional dent repair services will ask you to replace parts or pay extra for things like paint and fillers. PDR doesn’t use any paint or fillers, relieving you of material costs. You only pay for the skills and experience of the certified technician, significantly bringing down costs.

  • Time

Since there is no scraping or repainting involved in PDR, you won’t have to leave your car at the garage for days. Instead, you will likely get your car repaired on the same day you bring it in at Sioux Falls Dent Repair.

  • Originality and Resale Value

PDR doesn’t tamper with the original paint coat of your car. It only restores the body parts by removing dents and dings, and this way, your car retains its originality and resale value.

Get It Done Now!

The longer you wait to get the hail damage repaired, the more severe the damage can become. The elements can seep through your dents and dings, causing rust, which we all know is the worst enemy of cars.

We highly recommend going to Sioux Falls Dent Repair immediately after a hail event damages your car for the best PDR services in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

If you want to learn more about PDR for hail damage, or if you want a free estimate for the hail damage on your car, Click Here!