Sioux Falls Motorcycle Tank Repair

Sioux Falls Motorcycle Tank Repair Motorcycle tank repair isn’t the same as standard PDR. The metal is thicker and the parts are more cramped making it an awkward way to work. But we don’t shy away from a challenge. Our motorcycle tank repair is one of a kind and only works with the proper tools […]

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Can You Handle The Dent Yourself? – Sioux Falls Dent Repair

Sioux Falls Dent Repair Dents are sudden and unpredictable. From the inconvenience of a stray shopping cart to the devastation of a hail storm, they always put us in the worst situations. What’s worse is one dent can do a considerable amount of damage to the resale value of your car. Maintaining this resale value […]

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Sioux Falls Hail Repair – Your Local Dent Experts

South Dakota Hail Damage America’s mid-western states are home to a plethora of disastrous weather conditions. From tornado’s to floods, we just can’t catch a break. But one condition stands above the rest for its frequency and sheer damage output. On average hail storms cause about one billion dollars in crop and property damage every […]

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