Sioux Falls Dent Repair Answers Common Questions asked Regarding Hail Damage Repair

Sioux Falls Dent Repair Answers Common Questions asked Regarding Hail Damage Repair

Sioux Falls Dent Repair Answers Common Questions asked Regarding Hail Damage Repair

If your car has suffered hail damage in South Dakota, you may be interested to know what hail damage repair entails. Naturally, paintless dent repair, or PDR, is the best dent repair option when it comes to hail damage, more specifically, PDR from Sioux Falls Dent Repair.

Today, we have decided to answer some common questions regarding hail damage repair that will help you better understand the entire process better. From damage assessment to repair estimates, insurance pitfalls, and much more.

We will answer them all.

Sioux Falls Dent Repair Answers Common Questions asked Regarding Hail Damage Repair

Here are some questions regarding hail damage repair with PDR and their comprehensive answers.

  • Do you need to get competing bids for hail damage repair that is covered by your car insurance?

Answer: Let’s suppose your car gets dents and dings from hail damage in South Dakota, and you contact your insurance. They may tell you to go get estimates and competing bids, or they may not. Frankly, getting estimates and competing bids does not matter, and it is only a waste of your time.

Ultimately, whichever dent repair service you choose, its service people will work closely with your insurance company on the entire hail damage PDR process. So, the old days of going out and getting competing bids are over, and it is only a waste of your time.

Instead, we recommend you directly approach the best – Sioux Falls Dent Repair.

  • Why do I have to come in person with the vehicle for a hail damage repair estimate?

Answer: This is an important one. The problem is that the amount of hail damage you see on your car is nowhere near the actual damage. Looking at the damage in sunlight or typical lighting, especially if the car is dirty, will never reveal the actual damage.

Going in person with your car will enable the PDR-certified technician to use their special PDR UV lights to show you the actual damage you are dealing with. Trust us, it is way more than meets the eye, even on a clear, sunny day in South Dakota.

  • How long do estimates take?

Answer: An initial estimate typically takes 20-45 minutes to write up. The initial estimate may not include parts pricing because that process requires calling up your car dealership and getting part prices and availability. This is typically done when you are getting the actual dent repair done and takes around 30 minutes.

  • Why are insurance companies’ estimates always substantially lower than your costs?

Answer: Insurance company adjusters never get estimates right. They never use the expensive, specialized PDR lighting to assess the hail damage and immensely underestimate your hail damage dents and dings. They may tell you, “Oh, there are about 6 to 8 dents,” when there are more close to 100 in reality. This is very common across the board.

An untrained eye cannot make the correct assessment, even trained PDR-certified technicians will never give you an estimate without assessing the damage under special PDR lighting. They also use a “PDR matrix”, or chart, to give an accurate estimate, depending on the number, size, and category of dents and dings.

  • The insurance company said I need to go to their approved or preferred shop. Can I still use you?

Answer: You can take your car to any shop you want to get your estimates or repairs done from. If your insurance company tells you that you can only go to their preferred shops; otherwise, you don’t get their warranty, or you will pay the additional repair costs, they are using a scare tactic called “steering.”

Steering is illegal in South Dakota. Most dent repair shops, including Sioux Falls Dent Repair, offer a lifetime warranty on repairs. We even offer you a written warranty card for peace of mind. As for additional costs, sometimes there is an element of negotiation with insurance companies, but it isn’t something that will cost you much in the long run.

If anything, preferred shops cut corners to save money for the insurance company, and this can mean poor results.

  • Why should someone take their vehicle to the Sioux Falls Dent Repair?

Answer: If you want accurate estimates for the hail damage on your car, you need professional PDR-certified technicians to look at your car in person. Insurance companies will always underestimate the damage and compensate you accordingly.

Do not let them get away with your deserved compensations and “steer” you into insurance pitfalls. Take your hail-damaged car to Sioux Falls Dent Repair today to get an accurate estimate, compensation, and lifetime warranty results.

If you want to learn more about hail damage repairs or about paintless dent repair with Sioux Falls Dent Repair, please visit our website today.