Dent Repair In Brookings, SD

Dent Repair In Brookings, SD

Brookings Paintless Dent Repair

Did you know that we also offer our paintless dent repair services to surrounding cities of Sioux Falls. This including Brookings, South Dakota.

Paintless dent repair takes a very specific set of skills to perform correctly. Many shops will say they do paintless dent repair. What this often really that means is they have a technician that does it from time to time. This means their technician might do these style of repairs as little as a time or two a month limiting their skill level. This often allows them to only repair minor damage. This also limits their skill set to smaller quarter sized door dings. Doing paintless dent repair is something that must be done very often. Multiply times a week this must be done in order to hone in the skill set and stay sharp. The other alternative is shops will hire outside companies to do these types of repairs, typically these outside companies do just dent repairs.

What’s the difference?

We here at Sioux Falls Dent Repair we do ONLY paintless dent repair. We don’t have our technicians doing glass repair, detailing, painting, body work and other common skill sets found in a general body shop. While all of these skills are great for a general body shop, having technicians stay sharp on ONE skill and one skill only allows them to do repairs that other “part time techs” cannot. These benefits can be seen in repairs we have done time and time again, you can even see what our customers think of us on their video reviews here.

So next time you are choosing a repair facility be sure to ask specific questions about who is doing your repairs. Be sure to talk with the specific technician doing your actual work and ask them about any questions you might have about your repair.

Ask questions like:

How will the damage be accessed in order to be repaired?

Are they drilling a hole?

What are they doing to prevent corrosion or rust on the backside of the panel after its repaired?

Do they use a cavity wax?

What will they be taking apart to do the repair?

If they are taking your vehicle apart to gain access, will the be performing a Pre and Post Diagnostic scan?

To read more on diagnostic scans and there extreme importance see our article here.

Be sure to keep in mind we do service the Brookings South Dakota area and if you are ever in need of a dent repair in that area please contact us at: