Hood Dent Removal – 2016 Chevy Suburban

Hood Dent Removal – 2016 Chevy Suburban

Today, Jack from Sioux Falls Dent Repair will be taking on a dented hood on a 2016 Chevrolet Suburban.

Now, the owner of this vehicle actually purchased the car with the dent in it and decided to approach us for Paintless Dent Repair as it would turn out to be a lot more affordable when compared to taking a car to a traditional body shop.

With the use of our special magnetic half dollar size coin, we can estimate the damage size and give the customer our pricing for the repair. The dent, as you can see, is bigger than the coin itself and so we price it accordingly. In order to gain access to the damaged area, we had to lift the hood and remove the insulator pad on the underside of the hood. There were a total of six clips that had to come out so that we could find a way to get our tools in and push the damage out.

As it turned out, the dent was located under a brace in the frame which makes fitting our regular tools a lot more difficult – and sometimes impossible. Luckily, in this case, we were able to get our brace styled tools under the brace and push out the damage. When the specially designed brace tools do not work, the next best thing is the glue pulling method for getting out any type of damage. Since the dent on this car was rather large, we decided to first use the glue pulling method to get rid of the majority of the damage from the outside. Once the bulk of the damage was removed with the pull tabs, we were able to get under the hood and take a closer look at the finer details of the repair. You can probably see that we are using a couple of PDR lights for this repair and the reason for this is so that we can get all the right angles of the damage and successfully push it all out without having to constantly move the light around.

In the end, getting rid of a dent like this takes more than just a couple of pull tabs and a few pushed from underneath the metal. Often, we use hundreds of small repetitive pushes to get out a dent completely. Lastly, we polish and buff the damaged area to get it back to its original state – or at least close to it.

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