Big Dent Removal Techniques – Dodge Challenger Scat Pack

Big Dent Removal Techniques – Dodge Challenger Scat Pack

Big Dent Removal Techniques

Back again for another paintless dent repair and here we are going to show you some of our big dent removal techniques on this Dodge Challenger Scat Pack edition. This vehicle was brought to us with some tree limb damage. Yes that is right, a tree company was unfortunately cutting down some tree branches above this car and during the process they fell all over this vehicle. This caused damage all over including the hood, fender, roof, roof rails, trunk lid but today we are focusing on just the quarter panel damage.

What Tools Did We Use?

We started off these repairs by gaining access to the backside by removing the interior trim panels in the trunk. From there we remove the tail light and work through the wiring access hole for the tail light. The first tool we used was actually an Ultra Dent Tools double bend tool with an interchangeable tip and extension. We start off a repair like this with a bigger ball style tip. From there we slowly downsize the tip size to get more precision pushes. Towards the end of the repair the damage actually started to slightly oil can, shown in the video. The panel is very flimsy and movable with just minor pushes with our fingers. We knew we had to tighten the metal up so we started by using some electronic tools.

Electronic Dent Removal?

In this repair towards the end of the repair like stated prior we had to resort to using some electronic style tools for this repair. What we are using is the steel hotbox machine from Betatag. This tool uses electromagnetic heat induction to heat up the panel. We heat up the panel with this tool to a safe temperature that will NOT damage the paint finish. From there we then spray the area with a cold spray. This method of quickly heating the metal and quickly cooling the panel is nothing new to metal workers. What this does is tighten up the molecules in the metal making it shrink. This shrinking action tightens up the metal so it does not remain flexible after the finished repair. Say for instance we DID NOT do this, the panel make at some time be pushed in from say someone leaning on the vehicle or a high pressure car wash for instance. More than likely with this minor stretched metal it will not stick inwords looking like a dent but it could happen so we must take special precautions to prevent this.

Finishing it up

In the end we were able to remove not only this damage but damage all over the vehicle from the tree limbs. We use only the paintless dent repair method for our repairs and no painting, body fillers or primers were used in these repairs. Be sure to Subscribe to our Youtube channel to see other repairs we performed on this vehicle coming soon.



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Falling Snow and Ice Damage!

Falling Snow and Ice Damage!

Storm Damage Dent Removal

The Paintless Dent Repair method can even be used to repair Storm Damage Dent Removal caused from falling snow or ice. This Chevy Silverado Pickup hood we have in our shop today was purchased with this damage on it and the customer had to have it repaired. The Silverado was actually at a local body shop at the time and they decided to contact us to do paintless dent repairs on the hood of this while the truck was in the body shop getting unrelated repairs done to it. The storm damage dents were then removed that day and returned to the truck at the body shop the next morning.


Disconnecting Electrical Components For Repairs


We have another vehicle in the shop for some storm related damage. This 2016 Dodge Durango had some tree limbs fall on it during a thunderstorm. This damage looks similar to hail damage with the multiple round dents but the way the damage is on the panel indicates other than hail and was confirmed by the customer. In order to do the repairs on this Durango we have to remove multiple components. To safely do this and not cause on electrical related damage we have to disconnect the battery to power down the entire vehicle.

To read more about electrical components and why we need to disconnect and computer scan the systems CLICK HERE!

Did you know this Durango has the batteries located below the passenger front seat. Yes that’s right, you read that right, this vehicle has not one but two batteries in it!  The bigger of the batteries is for the main motor components and the smaller batter can be used to power many things typically the smaller electrical components on the vehicle, like inside lighting, radio, ect.


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Common Damage Found on Pickup Trucks

Common Damage Found on Pickup Trucks

Common Damage Found on Pickup Trucks


A pickup box side or also called bedside damage is very common if you use your pickup truck for work or hauling. It’s common for the top upper parts of the bedside to be damaged and to show waves like this seen here in the video. We can remove this type of damage using the Paintless Dent Repair method. With this method of repair, we use specialized tools to slowly massage this damage out from the backside. On bedsides it is common to gain access through the tail light area or to pull a bed cap or cover off(on the top part of the bed) and gain access though there.

All of this damage was repaired at a local body shop for their customer. This type of repair can take a couple hours vs a couple days at a body shop. This gets the customer back on the road the same day and with no repaint of their panel, this saves them for a negative history report on Carfax as well as diminished resale value. So if you have damage in your vehicle that you would like fixed using the Paintless Dent Repair method give us a call!