Sioux Falls Dent Repair Restores Hail Damage on Electric Vehicles

Sioux Falls Dent Repair Restores Hail Damage on Electric Vehicles

Sioux Falls Dent Repair Restores Hail Damage on Electric Vehicles


Getting unexpectedly caught in a hail storm can be a headache, especially if your car suffered major damage. Having unsightly dents all over your electric vehicle can be an eyesore, but it can also lower the value of your car.  So what should you do? Paintless dent repair, or PDR, is the best dent repair option when it comes to hail damage, more specifically, PDR from Sioux Falls Dent Repair if you live in South Dakota. 

Sioux Falls Dent Repair are IMI Certified to work on hybrid and electric cars. They can remove damage of all sizes including hail damage dents in your vehicle without the use of any painting or bondo like a traditional body shop, which makes them the best option to restore your electric vehicle such as a Tesla Model 3, Hyundai Ioniq, or Audi Q4 E-tron. 

Steps in Getting a Hail Damage Estimate

  • Contact Sioux Falls Dent Repair for an Estimate

Don’t waste your time in getting different bids to get your car fixed. Whoever you choose, its service people will work closely with your insurance company on the entire hail damage PDR process. So contact us for a FREE damage assessment and estimate – Sioux Falls Dent Repair.

  • Assessment
    The certified technician will assess your car and look for damage using special PDR UV lighting. This has to be done in person and not through pictures that you take. Seeing the car in person, the PDR specialist can show you the actual damage and let you know what you’re dealing with. 

  • How long do estimates take?

An initial estimate typically takes 20-45 minutes to write up. The initial estimate may not include
parts pricing because that process requires calling up your car dealership and getting part prices
and availability. This is typically done when you are getting the actual dent repair done and takes
around 30 minutes.

  • Why are insurance companies’ estimates always substantially lower than your costs?

Insurance company adjusters never get estimates right because they are not trained and don’t have the proper equipment or specialized PDR lighting to assess the hail damages; therefore, they tend to miss many of the dings on the vehicle. They may write up that there is about 10 dents, when in reality it may be closer to 50. This is a very common theme. 

  • The insurance company said I need to go to their approved or preferred shop. Can I still use you?

You can get an estimate for hail damage for your vehicle at any shop. If your insurance company
tells you that you can only go to their authorized shops or they won’t cover the repairs, know         
              that  this  tactic is called “steering”, which is illegal in South Dakota.

Most dent repair shops, including Sioux Falls Dent Repair, offer a lifetime warranty on repairs. We even offer you a written warranty card for peace of mind. As for additional costs, sometimes there is an element of negotiation with insurance companies, but it isn’t something that will cost you much in the long run.

If anything, preferred shops cut corners to save money for the insurance company, and this can mean poor results.


Why should someone take their vehicle to the Sioux Falls Dent Repair?

If you want accurate estimates for the hail damage sustained on your car, you need a professional PDR-certified technician to look at it  in person. Insurance companies will always underestimate the damage and compensate you accordingly.

Do not let them get away with your deserved compensations and “steer” you into insurance pitfalls. Get an estimate at  Sioux Falls Dent Repair today! If you want to learn more about hail damage repairs or about paintless dent repair with Sioux Falls Dent Repair,Click Here!


Flying or Falling Debris Dents Fixed with PDR

Flying or Falling Debris Dents Fixed with PDR

Flying or Falling Debris Dents Fixed with PDR


We are always careful while driving. We are constantly cautious of our surroundings and ensure nothing collides with our car. We check our mirrors when we turn or switch lanes, and we always check behind us before reversing.

However, just like blind spots, we can’t always see everything in our surroundings. This includes much of our overhead view. Unless you drive a convertible, chances are you do not pay much attention to what is above you while you drive. This makes us vulnerable to flying or falling debris and objects.

Similarly, we often park our cars in places where tree nuts, branches, rocks, or other items can fall on them. Even your home garage can have items that drop from the racks onto your car.

These items and flying or falling debris often leave a small but prominent dent or ding on the hood or roof of your car. These dents and dings are best removed with paintless dent repair (PDR), and if you live in or around Sioux Falls, South Dakota, this means getting PDR from Sioux Falls Dent Repair.

Flying or Falling Debris Dents Fixed with PDR

Paintless dent repair, or PDR, is the latest and easiest way to rid your car of dents and dings caused by flying or falling debris, including hail. It is a far better approach than traditional dent repair, and here’s why.

The Benefits of PDR

There are many benefits of PDR, including:

  • Save Time
    Unlike traditional dent repair, PDR does not involve scraping, fillers, or repainting of any kind. You can get your dents fixed on the same day you take your car for dent repairs.
  • Save Money
    Since there are no material costs for fillers or paint, you only pay for the skills of a PDR technician, which means you save money because PDR costs less than traditional dent repair.
  • Save Resale Value
    The original paint coat of your car does not get tampered with PDR, which saves you money on its resale value.

Why Opt for Sioux Falls Dent Repair?

Unlike typical dent repair shops, the professionals at Sioux Falls Dent Repair are experienced technicians, certified to perform paintless dent repair. They know how to handle the dents and dings on the roofs and hoods of various makes and models of cars.

Their friendly staff is well-known to provide the best PDR service in South Dakota, and their long list of satisfied, repeat customers are proof of this.

Whether it is a common, old, vintage, exotic, or luxury car, the PDR technicians at Sioux Falls Dent Repair have experience and knowledge of how to perfectly remove the dents and dings from it.

If you want to learn more about the best paintless dent repair in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, or if you want a free estimate for PDR on the dents and dings of your car, please visit our website today.

What Happens When I Have a Dent Repair Done?

What Happens When I Have a Dent Repair Done?

What Happens When I Have a Dent Repair Done?


Paintless Dent Repair or PDR is one of the most common and easy methods of dent repair. This method was developed by technicians to make fixing some of the more common problems in auto-vehicle repair easy. It’s a fairly simple process, but customers rarely have information regarding it which makes them skeptical of the entire process. Today, we will break down the process so that the next time you require dent repair, you’re not confused regarding the process at all.


What Are the Steps to PDR?

PDR is a relatively simple process, and most technicians break it down into three main steps that have various degrees of complication depending on the type of dents incurred on the car’s body.

1. Estimation  

The technicians will examine the car’s body and configure the number of dents and identify the dents they can apply PDR on. They also take this time to understand the time and cost for the repair so they can present this estimate to the customers.

2. Repair 

 The technicians will conduct the repairs according to the problem that they’ve identified. Each repair is different, and the technicians plan the work according to each repair.

3. Results 

Technicians will bring in the customers so they’re aware of the aesthetics and functionality of the vehicle after their repairs. This is a time for the customer to voice any issues or concerns regarding the repairs conducted by the technicians.

Types of Techniques Used by a PDR Technician 

PDR technicians don’t just use one method to fix a customer’s car. There are two main techniques that most PDR technicians apply depending on the leverage they wish to create for the dent. The technique that they use depends largely on the position and depth of the dent. Sometimes, it’s easy to pull out a dent using one method instead of the other. Other times, it’s up to the technician’s discretion.

We have listed the two techniques below:

1) PDR using Metal Contact

The most common method of PDR is using metal rods and body picks. Technicians use this method to pop out the dent from the underside of the body’s panel.  This method is easier to orchestrate for many as there’s not a great degree of leverage that one needs to work on the panel’s underside.

2) PDR using Glue Pull Repair 

Glue Pull Repair or GPR works by pulling out the outer panel of the car’s body.  Technicians use glue and specially designed glue tabs to create an outward pull to pop out the dent. Technicians have to be very careful of the temperatures of the glue and the panel so that nothing goes awry.

Benefits of Repairing Dents at Sioux Falls Dent Repair

Here, at Sioux Falls Dent Repair, we have ARC-certified technicians for PDR and hail damage. Our main goal is to take care of you and ensure that your car gets the best service it needs. Once your car is in our body shop, you can stop worrying about it. 

We promise you clear communication, so you know everything we’re conducting on your car and ensure you’ll get your car looking as good as new.

For more information regarding PDR, visit us at, or contact us at 605-205-8842.

Dent Repair on Your EV with an IMI Accredited Technician is a Must

Dent Repair on Your EV with an IMI Accredited Technician is a Must

Dent Repair on Your EV with an IMI Accredited Technician is a Must


Your electric vehicle is less likely to get into accidents because of all the computerized sensors it has. However, accidents don’t always occur when the car’s on the road. Sometimes, they can occur even when you’re car is carefully parked in the driveway. Dent and dings on electric vehicles hurt your wallet a lot more than dents on a normal car. What’s more concerning is that there are very few auto-repair shops with IMI accredited technicians to help your electric vehicle.

Read on as we tell you how you can save money on dent repair through paintless dent repair and why IMI accredited technicians are the best choice for you. 

What Is PDR? 

Paintless Dent Repair or PDR is a non-invasive method of fixing dents and dings on your electric vehicle. It’s a method that auto-technicians prefer due to the ease with which they can do it. It doesn’t involve any extra paint or extra material, which is why it’s so popular. It doesn’t involve any cutting or scrapping of metal and thus saves both you and the auto-technicians a significant amount of time.

How Does it Work?  

The PDR process is fairly simple. You bring the car into the auto-shop. Your accredited IMI technician will look at the dent or dent if they’re more than one to assess how many of them, they can perform PDR on. They will then give you an estimate based on this assessment. After you’ve consented to the estimate and the procedure, the certified technician will get to work. The procedure involves the use of special tools and techniques acquired through years of experience to pop out the dents on the body of your electric vehicle. Once they’ve done this, they further look into the body of the vehicle to ensure that they’re not missing anything. Once they’ve done this, you can pay and have your car back in your garage. 

Benefits of PDR

There are many advantages to this process, and we have listed some of them below: 

1. It helps retain your car’s value

Paintless Dent Repair doesn’t involve any extra material, which means that your car’s value will not depreciate based on this procedure. 

2. Insurance companies cover PDR.

Your electric vehicle is already going to be heavy on your wallet for other reasons. Since insurance companies cover PDR, you don’t have to worry about paying for this procedure out of your wallet.

3. They’re environmentally friendly

Paintless Dent Repair doesn’t involve any wastage by scrapping material. It doesn’t use paint which means that no harmful chemicals are released into the environment.

Why Choose Sioux Falls Dent Repair for Your EV needs?

Sioux Falls has IMI accredited technicians who have years of experience with electric vehicles. We have worked on the bodies of cars like Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model X, Nissan Leaf, Audi e-Tron, or EV Ford Mustang.

You must take your electric vehicle to certified IMI accredited technicians for many reasons. We have listed a few of them below: 

1. It’ll cost you less

IMI accredited technicians know what they’re doing and thus are likely to botch the job.

2. You’ll get quality of service.

IMI accredited technicians train for years so that they can achieve finesse, you’ll get the best work possible.

3. They are reliable.

 Since they’re accredited and claim to be too, they’re held to a higher standard. This standard means that you can rely on them to put the best work forward.

Here at Sioux Falls Dent Repair, our main priority is the customer. Don’t believe us?  Come on down to our shop and let us sort you out.

For more information regarding PDR, visit us at, or contact us at 605-205-8842




Dent Repair on Electric Vehicles

Dent Repair on Electric Vehicles

Dent Repair on Electric Vehicles

Since there has been a greater strive for fuel efficiency and lower carbon footprints, electric vehicles have started to gain popularity. Since there are more electric cars on the road, like a Tesla (Model 3, Model Y, Model S or Model X), Hyundai Kona, or a Jaguar I-Pace, more and more of these vehicles have started to show up for dent repair services in Sioux Falls. The types of systems that are used to repair these dents can vary. 

If you’re going to Sioux Falls Dent Repair for dent removal from your electric vehicle, you’d be glad to know that they are the only dent repair shop in Sioux Falls that are IMI certified. Because of this reason, you know you can trust their dent repair services. 

Incurring hail damage or dings to your electric vehicle can be very stressful – especially if you have an electric vehicle. Fortunately for Sioux Fall residents, technicians at our shop can quickly diagnose the problem your car has, repair the dents and dings, and restore your electric vehicle to its initial condition.

After the repair is done, your car will be available for you to pick up. 

Why Should You Choose Sioux Falls Dent Repair?

Sioux Falls Dent Repair is the premier paintless dent repair specialist in Sioux Falls. Not only do we specialize in paintless dent repair, but we are also the only IMI certified car repair shop in Sioux Falls. If you’re booking an appointment for a paintless dent repair at our shop – in most cases, you’ll get your vehicle back the same day. 

The certifications that we have are:

  • ARC PDR Repair Master Technician Certified
  • ARC  Hail Damage Repair Master Certified
  • PDR Nation Certified:
    • Ethics and Standards
    • Hail Damage Estimating
    • Corrosion Protection and Paint
  • NAPDRT Certified
  • Dent Trainer Hail Damage Estimating Certified

The PDR Process

Every day, our expert technicians work on the cars that come into our shop. The PDR process can remove a dent or ding from your electric vehicle without compromising the paint or hurting too much of your wallet. But how does the PDR process work?

Evaluating the Damage

The first step to any repair process is evaluating the damage that has been done. Where did the dent happen? How big is it? How can I reach the dent? After evaluating the dent and determining if it can be removed through PDR, the area around the dent is prepared for PDR.

Accessing the Dent

In most conditions, a technician will access the dent from the back side. This means that they will first carefully remove the trim panels, the taillights, and in some conditions, they might have to remove panels like the hood or trunk lid as well. 

Once the dent can be accessed, the technician can perform PDR to fix the body of your car. It is crucial that for this step of the process, you have an expert technician working on your car. 

Applying Slow Pressure

With the help of specialized tools, the body of the car is massaged so the exterior can be restored to its original position. Because of the expertise of our technicians, we can complete the PDR process on the same day you send us our vehicle.

The Bottom Line

If your electric vehicle has sustained a dent or a ding, contact Sioux Falls Dent Repair for our exemplary services! You can also book us for a free damage assessment.