Do Dents Affect My Cars Value?

Do Dents Affect My Cars Value?

Do Dents Affect My Cars Value?

When people go to sell or trade in their vehicle they often then think do dents affect my cars value? Most often people wait to get their damage repaired because of resale value. We get it, most people are willing to live with their minor damage and drive their vehicle as is. When it comes to selling it they want to get the highest price for their vehicle.

How Can You Get The Highest Price For Your Vehicle?

Either you’re selling your vhielce private sale or trading your vehicle in, dents and dings DO impact the vehicles resale value. Even minor dents and dings can give the buyer leverage to negotiate to get you to lower your price. If your vehicle has no damage like this there will be less for them to fall back on and state something like, “It’s going to cost me x to get this fixed, why don’t we take that off of the price?” This is not something most people want to hear.

Don’t give your vehicle buyers any more leverage to lower your price, be sure to get your dents and dings fixed BEFORE you put your vehicle on the market!


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Should I Fix The Dents In My Vehicle Before Selling It?

Should I Fix The Dents In My Vehicle Before Selling It?

Should I Fix The Dents In My Vehicle Before Selling It?


This is often why people seek out our services.

People often ask: Should I fix the dents in my vehicle before selling it?

Do you want to get top dollar for your trade in or the sale of your vehicle?

Maybe you don’t want to deal with a long drawn out negotiation on your asking price?

Having a dent free vehicle allows you to have more power in the negotiation part of a deal.

Even a few dents in your vehicle can greatly depreciate what a person will give you for it!


Ram Pickup Hail Damage Repair - Sioux Falls Dent Repair

One Hail of an Experience

A while back we ended up fixing some hail damage in a customers 2017 Ram 1500 Pickup. This customer bought it with light hail damage already on it. He ended up getting a great price if he was willing to live with the hail damage.

This customer had this vehicle for 3 years and finally decided to part ways with it. This Ram had extremely low miles on it, right around 15k for a 3 year old vehicle! He ended up taking it to a local car lot to see about trading it in on one of their vehicles. The minute the lot saw that it had hail damage they flat out told him “We are not interested in your trade!” Can you believe that! Now granted yes this was hail damage, but even the customer said prior to our appointment with him that he could only see around 12 dents on the hood. Once we pulled it into our shop and gave it a full look over we counted close to 50 dents on the hood alone!

What Does The Car Lot Know That You Don’t Know?

The reason being is because they know what a person can see outside in the sunlight is one thing. Once a Professional Paintless Dent Repair Company has a look at the vehicle they know they will find much more damage. More damage makes the repair bill higher, allowing them to not make as much money on the sale. We are sure the reason they basically ran away from this vehicle is because the have been burned in the past thinking the same thing. Oh it just has a couple dents in it, as they look at it in the bright sun in a parking lot. Then when they go to sell the vehicle thinking they will get away with the “few” dings it has in it and the new customer brings it home and gets it in their garage the new customer is horrified to find 50-100 dents on just one panel! This does not make the dealer lot look good and puts a bad taste in the customers mouth about their recent purchase! Sadly we have seen this first hand many times from customers.

Hail of a Relief

So to follow up on the above mentioned Ram Story. We ended up getting the vehicle repaired for the customer and the hood is now dent free. We were even able to make these repairs in one day! The customer simply dropped his truck off in the morning and picked it up that evening, dent free! We even went around other parts of the vehicle and removed some other small dents we found on it as well. The customer ended up having no problems selling his vehicle and is now it a newer ride for himself.

I Only Have Minor Dents and Dings, No Hail Damage

Sometimes customers of ours are simply only fixing their dents in their vehicles because they are looking to sell it. We get it, it is very common. We are able to work with you on this process and get your vehicle dent free again and fast! Most of our repairs can be performed in a day! When a car lot factors in the cost to repair dents and dings they are always going to go to the worst case scenario. For them the worst case scenario is a body shop. A body shop may want anywhere from $500 to over $1,000 to paint just a single panel! Even if they know the damage can be repaired using Paintless Dent Repair they always assume the worse, and offer you the lowest amount. This is a negotiation tactic and they are the best in the business with negotiating, it’s what they do!


So the next time you think about selling your vehicle and think, should I Fix The Dents In My Vehicle Before Selling It. The answer is simply Yes. Bbe sure to contact your local Dent Repair Specialists.

They will be able to assess your damage and give you an honest and straightforward answer.


If you would like to talk about some of the damages in your vehicle feel free to contact us in whichever way is most convenient for you!

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