Hood Dent Removal – 2016 Chevy Suburban

Hood Dent Removal – 2016 Chevy Suburban

Today, Jack from Sioux Falls Dent Repair will be taking on a dented hood on a 2016 Chevrolet Suburban.

Now, the owner of this vehicle actually purchased the car with the dent in it and decided to approach us for Paintless Dent Repair as it would turn out to be a lot more affordable when compared to taking a car to a traditional body shop.

With the use of our special magnetic half dollar size coin, we can estimate the damage size and give the customer our pricing for the repair. The dent, as you can see, is bigger than the coin itself and so we price it accordingly. In order to gain access to the damaged area, we had to lift the hood and remove the insulator pad on the underside of the hood. There were a total of six clips that had to come out so that we could find a way to get our tools in and push the damage out.

As it turned out, the dent was located under a brace in the frame which makes fitting our regular tools a lot more difficult – and sometimes impossible. Luckily, in this case, we were able to get our brace styled tools under the brace and push out the damage. When the specially designed brace tools do not work, the next best thing is the glue pulling method for getting out any type of damage. Since the dent on this car was rather large, we decided to first use the glue pulling method to get rid of the majority of the damage from the outside. Once the bulk of the damage was removed with the pull tabs, we were able to get under the hood and take a closer look at the finer details of the repair. You can probably see that we are using a couple of PDR lights for this repair and the reason for this is so that we can get all the right angles of the damage and successfully push it all out without having to constantly move the light around.

In the end, getting rid of a dent like this takes more than just a couple of pull tabs and a few pushed from underneath the metal. Often, we use hundreds of small repetitive pushes to get out a dent completely. Lastly, we polish and buff the damaged area to get it back to its original state – or at least close to it.

For any kind of dent removal inquiries or questions, call or text us at 605-250-1023 to get your dented cars repaired.

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BMW Paintless Dent Repair

BMW Paintless Dent Repair

BMW Paintless Dent Repair

In today’s quick video, we are tackling some crease-style dents on the hood of a 2019 BMW X3. According to the owner, they came out from a restaurant they parked at and saw the dents on their car’s hood.

The hood of the X3 is made from aluminum and has absolutely no access points on the back of the hood which is why we had to opt for the glue pulling method for removing the dents. Fortunately, we here at Sioux Falls Dent Repair have a lot of experience in glue pulling and own some of the best pull tabs in the industry.

As you can see in the “after” footage, the dents and other damage was completely removed and the hood looks as good as new.




If you have a car with similar dents or even worse and are thinking about the PDR option, give us a call or text us at 605-250-1023

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Falling Snow and Ice Damage!

Falling Snow and Ice Damage!

Storm Damage Dent Removal

The Paintless Dent Repair method can even be used to repair Storm Damage Dent Removal caused from falling snow or ice. This Chevy Silverado Pickup hood we have in our shop today was purchased with this damage on it and the customer had to have it repaired. The Silverado was actually at a local body shop at the time and they decided to contact us to do paintless dent repairs on the hood of this while the truck was in the body shop getting unrelated repairs done to it. The storm damage dents were then removed that day and returned to the truck at the body shop the next morning.


Disconnecting Electrical Components For Repairs


We have another vehicle in the shop for some storm related damage. This 2016 Dodge Durango had some tree limbs fall on it during a thunderstorm. This damage looks similar to hail damage with the multiple round dents but the way the damage is on the panel indicates other than hail and was confirmed by the customer. In order to do the repairs on this Durango we have to remove multiple components. To safely do this and not cause on electrical related damage we have to disconnect the battery to power down the entire vehicle.

To read more about electrical components and why we need to disconnect and computer scan the systems CLICK HERE!

Did you know this Durango has the batteries located below the passenger front seat. Yes that’s right, you read that right, this vehicle has not one but two batteries in it!  The bigger of the batteries is for the main motor components and the smaller batter can be used to power many things typically the smaller electrical components on the vehicle, like inside lighting, radio, ect.


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“He made my hood look like new again”

“He made my hood look like new again”

“It looks better than when I got it”

When Scott brought us his vehicle he was so bummed out about what he had done. He went to move some things around in his garage. Suddenly, some items fall on his hood of his Audi. This is a big deal and very upsetting to almost everyone, but to Scott this was like a jab to the heart. He was so unhappy with himself about what he had done. Looking online for a repair specialist, he found us online, and gave us a call. He brought his Audi over to our shop and we looked it over. He was ecstatic that we would be able to repair it. The clear film on the hood would just need to be removed in order to repair it. Luckily he wanted that replaced anyways. This was no issue for Scott, this was an easy choice, take that dent out!

He dropped his car off and we were able to this repair along with the other minor ones all within a day. He was so happy about the repair he even had us do a video review of his experience, which you can view at the end of this repair video.

Thank you so much Scott, we loved working with you and we love making people happy and restoring their vehicle back to show room condition once again!


Classic Vehicles and Paintless Dent Repair

Classic Vehicles and Paintless Dent Repair

Can dents in Classic Vehicles be fixed using Paintless Dent Repair?

Check out this damage we repair on this 1957 Chevy Pickups hood. We not only fix new vehicles but old classic vehicles as well! This vehicle sits recently restored at a local body shop in Tea, South Dakota. This body shop took the truck to another repair shop to have some work done to it but when the vehicle came back it had a dent on the hood!

We Come To You!

The shop called us and we repaired the damage right away for them at their location. We removed this damage out without the shop having to repaint this newly painted hood. This is a huge bonus for them! This not only saves them money but time!

Thanks for watching!