Typical Auto Dents | Should You Choose PDR or a Sioux Falls Body Shop?

Typical Auto Dents | Should You Choose PDR or a Sioux Falls Body Shop?

You might think that dents are just dents, when really, not all dents are the same. In fact, there are four different categories of dents: round, creased, sharp, and extreme. All dents happen under varrying conditions; some may seem very similar, but all dents are unique in the way you approach repairs. Here is a list of dents and their qualities so you can determine what method of repair is best for you: Paintless dent repair or a Sioux Falls body shop.


Round dents are circular marks that are created with spherical objects such as hail or sports balls. Unlike the singular dent that will typically come with a golf ball or baseball, hail damage results in many small, round dents covering the surface of your car.


A creased dent is created when something drags along the side of your vehicle, creating a small, trough-like dent. This could be caused by bicycle handles or something sharp from another car scraping against yours.


Sharp dents are marks containing indented points. They could be caused by sharp objects being pressed into your car or perhaps someone opening their car door into yours.


Extreme dents could be very different in nature but are all characterized by intense damage to your car. They could have a wide variety of causes and appearances.

Luckily, 90% of dents can be fixed by a paintless dent repair expert or Sioux Falls body shop. PDR is inexpensive and can be completed in as little as a few hours, so it is usually the best option. Our experts will identify the nature of your dent, then slowly and carefully work it out of the metal using pressure and special tools. No paint, no replacement parts, and no putty all mean less final cost for you. For any dent you’re looking to remove, opt for paintless dent repair at your Sioux Falls body shop.