Glue Pull Dent Removal

Glue Pull Dent Removal

Glue Pull Dent Removal

Today we are going to be discussing using the glue pull method when performing paintless dent removal. This vehicle we are showing you here today is a Chevy Impala and it has some damage in the roof panel of the vehicle right above the drivers seat. This damage was cause when the customer was taking something down from their garage and it accidentally fell on the roof of this Impala.

Repair Method Choices

Now often times we want to gain access to the back side of the damaged area and push the area out with tools. This would have been a perfectly acceptable way to make this repair. After reviewing the damage with the customer we found that it would be more cost effective for us to remove this damage using glue pulling and pull the damage up verses lowering the entire headliner assembly and pushing the damage out. Now this is not always the case but this repair style worked great for this repair.

To Glue Pull Or Not To Glue Pull

One of the biggest factors that come into play when deciding the repair method is the excising paint finish. If this roof had been repainted before and not had its factory paint finish on it we would do everything we can to NOT glue pull on this area. Why? Because we would run the risk of actually pulling the non factory paint finish off of the car leaving a spot with paint missing and pulled off of the car. This is why it is so important to choose paintless dent repair verses going to a body shop and having your vehicle repainted. The factory paint finish is the best paint finish that you can get on your vehicle, will last the longest and has the strongest bond to the panel.


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