Dents on Jeep Wrangler

Dents on Jeep Wrangler

Dents on Jeep Wrangler

Dents on jeeps are inevitable. When you use your jeeps for off-road adventures on rugged terrains and rocky roads, it is easy to pick up dents and dings. This will make your jeep look more battered and also lower its resale value.

Jeeps and cars have bodies made of aluminum. The aluminum panels make repairing the dents and dings much more difficult. Aluminum used in automobiles is not brittle and comes in a variety of strengths. They are hard to dent as they take double the amount of force to dent as opposed to mild steel. 

Dent repair of jeep wranglers takes much more force as well as different tools to get it right. 

What are the Common Dents on a Jeep Wrangler?

Your jeep wrangler can have numerous types of dents. But Sioux Falls knows how to remove all these dents effectively. Here is a list of some of the most common dents.

  • Round Dents

Round dents are caused by round objects hitting the bumper, door, or hood. These could be hailstones, rocks, footballs, baseballs, basketball, causing a dent to be formed immediately.

  • Car Dings

Car dings are the type of dents that occur when small objects hit your jeep on a windy day or during a rocky ride. Most damage of this nature is easy and affordable to repair, as it is mostly a small scratch, crack or chip in the paint. To keep your jeep’s value high, it is essential to get these minor dents and dings repaired with PDR as soon as possible to avoid further damage to your jeep.

  • Crease Dents

Crease dents stretch your jeeps metal. They are complex and time-consuming to repair but can repair using PDR. Using advanced and modern techniques, crease dents are no longer a problem and can repair easily.

PDR for Your Jeep Wrangler

Paintless dent repair (PDR) is a cost-effective way to restore the car’s body to factory-like condition in the least amount of time and cost. Most auto dent removal requires using body fillers or paints to fill in dents that are not as long-lasting. 

Bondo and fillers are used in traditional body shop repairs to make the car’s surface look straight, while paintless dent repair simply fixes your jeep’s dent. Our certified technicians take their time softly massaging the metal back to its original condition, preserving the factory finish. 

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