Do This BEFORE You Turn Your Lease Vehicle In!

Do This BEFORE You Turn Your Lease Vehicle In!

Lease Turn In Time

Do you have a lease vehicle with a dent? Today, we at Sioux Falls Dent Repair will be looking at a completed dent repair job on a 2018 Ford Escape. There was actually a sizeable dent on the door as well as on the fender when it came in. The dent was a sharp and deep one that took quite a lot to get out, however, the finished job, as you can tell, is flawless. The paint job on the car is a high-quality ruby red and is finished with a colored clear coat. With this type of paint, it becomes a lot harder for a body shop to take out the dent. The impact of the dent also led to a small hairline crack in the paint, which is not really a major issue, but some people do get concerned about it.

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In this case, being a lease car, the customer didn’t want to get the doors repainted and came to us for paintless dent repair. After the dent was taken out on the door, the crack is barely visible – even when we take a close look at it. One of the biggest reasons why the original paint job is maintained while doing a paintless dent repair is that we use 160-180 degrees heat when pulling out the dent. What this does is makes the paint soft and flexible so that it does not crack when the panels are pushed. As you could imagine, if this repair was done without the use of heat, it would have extended the crack further and caused even more damage.

While the door dent can be considered a job well done, the main focus remains on the fender. Believe it or not, there was actually a 16-inch crease dent in the fender and we managed to get it out 100 percent. Even though the dent was not a deep one, it was still very big – something you do not want on your car. After the dent was pulled out, we buffed out any scratches and it looks as good as new.




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Lease Vehicle Turn In – Do This BEFORE You Return It!

Lease Vehicle Turn In – Do This BEFORE You Return It!

Lease Vehicle Turn In – Do This BEFORE You Return It!


Today, we will be looking at a dent we took care of on a 2018 Ford Escape. If you do follow us on social media, you would have probably seen the picture I posted online that showcased the dent on the car. The car itself is a leased turn-in vehicle which means that the customer was already done with the lease and turned it into the dealership. However, they paid us directly to get the repairs done from us here at Sioux Falls Dent Repair.

When a person gets a car on lease and they damage the vehicle, they more often than not try and repair the car before they return the car back into the dealership. The reason for this is that the customer doesn’t want to be handed a lengthy bill when the car is returned. However, you should always check the lease agreements before taking any car as every dealer offers a different lease and allows different amounts of damage.

Moving over to the fender and the first thing that jumps out at us is the massive 16-inch crease dent. Under the PDR lights, the damage become quite obvious and we will be working on it today. Without the PDR lights, the dent is not really that visible, but it still is there and the customer wanted it out. Most of the scratches can and will be buffed out after we fix the dent.

If the customer took the car into a body shop, they would have been hit with a huge bill because the paint used on the car is extremely high quality. On top of that, Ford uses a colored clear coat on top of the Ruby Red that is used for this car. This adds to the cost of the repair when approaching a body shop.



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