Sioux Falls Small Dent Removal | Can PDR Fix My Minor Dings?

Sioux Falls Small Dent Removal | Can PDR Fix My Minor Dings?

Can We Fix Small Dents?

Paintless dent repair can depend on many different factors, making it a confusing endeavor for many inexperienced drivers. At first, most newcomers ask “can my dent be fixed with PDR?” Luckily, small dents are a PDR techs bread and butter. We can handle most minor body damage you come across. The only two limiting factors are the size and location of the dent. If you are having trouble determining whether you car is eligible for PDR, then sign up for a free quote today!

Sioux Falls Small Dent Removal Through PDR

PDR offers more than any other repair method when it comes to Sioux Falls small dent removal.

Faster Than Body Shops

It’s tough to beat the speeds that paintless dent repair is so famous for. Our turnaround times are days ahead of body shops, and minor damage can often be fixed in the same day. We don’t need to spend time sanding or preparing your car for paint. We simply knock the dent out until it looks like new!

Unbeatable Repair Rates

Repairs are never cheap; most drivers know this by now. But paintless dent repair rates stomp the closest competing body shops by nearly three times! This is because we don’t need any expensive materials like paint, primer, or filler. You’re only paying for our time and expertise.

Flawless Fixes Every Time

Often times, bad repairs can end up costing you far more than the damage itself. Novice technicians and DIY methods are always bad news. Unless you yourself are a PDR pro, we highly advise against fixing the dent yourself. Dent repair should be left only to the professionals. That being said, our work is no joke, and we are certain you will be satisfied with the results. Every dent is totally removed with no evidence of damage or service. PDR can even save you from inclining insurance rates.


Is PDR Right for Your Ride? | Brandon Motorcycle Repair

Is PDR Right for Your Ride? | Brandon Motorcycle Repair

 You’ve Tried Everything

No matter how experienced a rider you are, chances are your bike is going to get damaged eventually. It happens to all of us. You can take every precaution imaginable:

  • Skid plates
  • Engine guards
  • Hands guards
  • Full coverage
  • Parking hundreds of feet from the nearest car

But regardless of what you try there are two things for certain: That dent is going to find you somewhere, somehow, and it’s going to cost you. So it’s worth knowing a Brandon motorcycle repair tech.

Why PDR?

Paintless dent repair is the best way to fix minor body damage to your motorcycle, period. It’s fast, it provides great value, it won’t harm resale potential, and it works on virtually any dent that hasn’t harmed the paint. How? Through our advanced non-invasive processes and a whole lot of practice. At no point during our procedure do we alter the paint job of your motorcycle. Everything is done in a way that does not ruin your resale value or take any of the time consuming steps that body shops do. The bottom line is, if PDR is an option take it.

What Can’t MPDR Fix?

Motorcycle PDR is limited primarily by the depth and location of the dent, as well as the thickness of the tank. Generally speaking, large dents are easier to fix than smaller ones. If the dent looks like it was caused by something around the size of a soccer ball then it is most likely wide and shallow enough to be removed. Smaller dents, on the other hand, are much less predictable. Since the objects are more compact they cause deeper dents that result in stretching and tearing. In the worst scenarios the paint could crack making MPDR virtually impossible. If you aren’t sure if your dent can be repaired with PDR then schedule your free damage assessment with a Brandon motorcycle repair tech here!

How is MPDR Different?

When compared to standard PDR, motorcycles require a considerable amount of experience to compensate for factors like the difference in metal or the smaller, more compact parts. Because of this we usually opt to remove the parts before hand so we can better access the damage. Those who don’t remove parts, especially the tank, risk damaging other essential pieces. Normally, if you need a motorcycle repaired you should go with a specialist like our Brandon motorcycle repair experts.