Save Your Car From The Body Shop

Save Your Car From The Body Shop

“It couldn’t be done”

That’s what Bruce,  the owner of this 2013 Ford Mustang had some damage in his recently purchased car. He took it to a local body shop to have them look at the damage. The body shop told him this damage could not be fixed using paintless dent repair. The body shop could fix this damage, they would have to have repaint the left fender, left door and left quarter panel.

Bruce comes from a body shop and painting background and was familiar with the paint process. Knowing the ins and outs of painting he knows about the many downfalls of having a repainted vehicle, from color mismatch, to peeling paint and diminishing value. He knew he did not want to have his vehicle repainted.

He contacted us about the repairs in the drivers door. Once we looked over the vehicle, we took note of the damage on his quarter panel.  We asked him what were his plans with it. He mentioned he was going to take it to the body shop shortly and have them repaint it. Bruce was happy when we told him we could fix this damage.  No repainting would need to be done on his vehicle. He was ecstatic and happy to go this route. He brought the car to us to have us perform paintless dent repair on it.

Be sure to watch his review of the repairs.