Are Small Dents Worth Fixing?

Are Small Dents Worth Fixing?

Are Small Dents Worth Fixing?

This is very subjective to each person, are small dents worth fixing? First off which one of these people best describes you and your vehicle?

A Mode of Transportation

Some see a vehicle as disposable and will get rid of their vehicle in just a few short years. It is just a way of transportation. We get it, everyone has priorities in life. A vehicle is important just not so much cosmetically. To some if a vehicle starts up, runs, drives, has air conditioning and heat, that is all they want and need. A small dent or ding is so low on the priority list it is the LAST thing on their mind.


Detailed and OCD

On the other hand, some people place a lot of value in the condition of their vehicle. They may have a high case of OCD, have a very clean and well kept vehicle. This type of detail often extends to other parts of their lives. A very clean house, well maintained yard. Do you often dress more on the side of a business professional, wearing button up shirts, polos, slacks or a suit. Or maybe a dresses and heals are more your style. Now we hate to stereo type but it gives a good visual for a reader and to help explain. We have seen people in both styles drive many different style vehicles.

This person may often have their vehicle regularly washed, and I’m not talking about running it through a basic gas station car wash. I’m talking they take their vehicle to a professional detailer who goes though every nook and cranny of their vehicle to make it spotless. After the insides are deep cleaned the outside is then washed, buffed, polished and they may even have a ceramic coating applied. To put this simply, this is the same theory as wax but just the theory is where the differences stop. Ceramic coating is often times well over a thousand dollars to apply so just the thought of us mentioning wax as similar may make people scoff. We get it, but to explain this as basic as possible this is what most know and it is the easiest for others to compare the basic concept to.


Which Are You?

Do you have an idea of which person you may slightly lean to or we may have described you exactly.

If you are more like the first person we described then maybe that small dent or ding is not worth fixing to you. If you are more like the second person we described then to you a small dent or ding is worth every penny to make sure your baby is always in pristine condition and spotless.


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