Caught in a Hailstorm While Driving?

Caught in a Hailstorm While Driving?

Caught in a Hailstorm While Driving?

Caught in a hailstorm while driving?

Most people can enjoy a bit of light hail but hailstorms are a whole other story. They are noisy, dangerous, and damaging, to say the least. If you live in the midwest, you are no stranger to hail and hailstorms.

There have been over 30 confirmed reports of hail in Sioux Falls so far this year and over 20 severe weather warnings in the last 12 months. During bad weather occurrences, residents of Sioux Falls and people who are traveling through may get caught in a hailstorm while driving.

This can be dangerous.

Let’s discuss what you can do in this situation and how Sioux Falls Dent Repair can help repair your car’s dents and dings after the hailstorm with Paintless Dent Repair (PDR).

What Should You Do?

Here is a step-by-step guide for what you should do if you get caught in a hailstorm while driving in Sioux Falls.

  • Do Not Leave Your Car

As much as you want to just leave your car and get indoors, do not make the mistake of leaving your car during a hailstorm. Severe hailstorms mean golf ball-sized hail, which can easily land you a trip to the hospital. Your car’s roof is ample strong, and you should wait out the hailstorm in your car.

  • Pull Over to Safety

Driving in a hailstorm is not an option. Moreover, the speed of your car and the hailstorm can do greater damage to your car and even shatter windows. Your best bet is to slowly pull over to the side, away from traffic, and switch your hazard lights on.

  • Move Away from Windows

Huddle to the center of your car and away from the windows to avoid injury in case the window breaks. Every inch counts so pull everyone near the center of the roof.

  • Cover Eyes & Head

Shattering glass can fly very far. Find an extra jacket, blanket, or any thick fabric to cover your head and eyes, and the same goes for the passengers.

  • Drive to Safety Before Getting Out

Once the hailstorm passes, which you will know when the noise stops, drive your car to safety. Drive to safety before you check your car for damage. It might have gone through a lot, but it cannot get any worse till you reach safety.

Hail Damage on Your Car

It is inevitable that your car’s roof, hood, and other parts look like they were popping corn. After a hailstorm, it is best to get the dents and dings fixed quickly, and Sioux Falls Dent Repair‘s Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is the best and fastest solution.

Why Sioux Falls Dent Repair PDR?

Sioux Falls Dent Repair provides the most experienced, reliable, and certified technicians for PDR in and around Sioux Falls. Their certified technicians are experts in repairing dents and dings with PDR on any make and model of cars.

They can get your car repaired in the fastest time with the best results that restore your car to its original form.

If you want to learn more about Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) at Sioux Falls Dent Repair or how you can get a free estimate for your car’s dent and dings, click here to get started!