How much does it cost to fix a dent?

How much does it cost to fix a dent?

How much does it cost to fix a dent?

The cost to fix a dent can vary widely depending on the size, location, and severity of the dent, as well as the make and model of the vehicle and the metal style that is dented. In general, a small dent can cost anywhere from $150 to $250 to repair, while larger dents or those that require more extensive repair work can cost several hundred dollars or more.

The cost may also vary depending on the type of repair method used. For example, paintless dent repair (PDR) is often less expensive than traditional bodywork because it requires less labor and materials. On the other hand, if the dent has caused damage to the paint or requires replacement of body panels, the cost can be significantly higher.

It’s best to get an estimate from a reputable paintless dent repair shop first to see if your damage qualifies for them to repair. If it does not they can then refer you to an auto body shop to determine the cost to fix a specific dent on your vehicle. The shop may need to see the damage in person to provide an accurate estimate.


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Door Ding Dent Pricing

Door Ding Dent Pricing

Door Ding Dent Pricing Breakdown

We are going look at this door ding dent and do a pricing breakdown for you today. This vehicle is a 2017 Chrysler 300s. This vehicle has a door ding in the right rear door and was a referral from Superior Detail, a local detailing shop. We start off by showing you how we gain access to this damage. From there we then show how we go about pricing this damage in this door for paintless dent repair.


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Steps for Dent Repair Pricing

Measure the overall diameter of the damage.

We first setup our Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) light system so we can see a proper reflection of the damage. From there we then use our price guide that has a built in ruler to measure the damage. From there we have a base line to start the estimate.

Depth of the Dent

We then do a visual inspection of the depth of the dent. We even have a dent depth gauge that we can measure the depth in millimeters. It may not sound like a lot but a dent that is a over .25mm deep is medium depth.

Shallow Depth< .25mm

Medium Depth: .26 – .75mm

Deep Depth: : >.76mm

Apply Factors

There are many factors in a dent repair for pricing:

Metal makeup: steel, aluminum, high strength steel, ultra high strength steel

Glue Pulling: Do we need to glue pull this area because there is no access to the backside

Obstructed damage: is there a brace or internal structure in the way of the dent that we need to work around

Body line or contour line dent: this damage is much more harder to remove

Crease dents: some creases are so sharp that they cannot be removed 100% but a significant improvement can be made, this is all determined at the estimate time prior to repair.

Edge of panel: these areas are often very tight and require specialized edge tools to repair.

Special paint finish: this includes clear film, viynal wraps, stickers or decals. These items effect the sight of the repair and can make it more difficult.

Sound Deadener: these types of sound deadener pads, glues or compounds vary from manufacture so each repair method is different.

These are just some of the major factors in pricing out paintless dent repair.


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