PDR Tool Review – Edgy Tools

PDR Tool Review – Edgy Tools

PDR Tool Review Time!

Today we will be doing a PDR Tool Review featuring Edgy Tools. If you are involved in the paintless dent repair (PDR) industry at all, you have heard of Edgy Tools one way or another. From there awesome advertising featuring the Edgy Gator, that theme runs through the entire company and I absolutely love it. Down to the fantastic and game changing tools they develop and KEEP developing, if you are a tech why would you not want to work smarter, not harder!

There are two different tools we are highlighting in this review.

The No-Roll Knockdown

The Knockers Blending Hammer tip

PDR Tool Review - Edgy Tools - The Knockers Blending Hammer Tip

Both of these tools bring new elements of surprises to the paintless dent repair industry. One is a smaller more efficient hammer tip, to basically what I would refer to as the swiss army knife of knock downs.

“He made my hood look like new again”

“He made my hood look like new again”

“It looks better than when I got it”

When Scott brought us his vehicle he was so bummed out about what he had done. He went to move some things around in his garage. Suddenly, some items fall on his hood of his Audi. This is a big deal and very upsetting to almost everyone, but to Scott this was like a jab to the heart. He was so unhappy with himself about what he had done. Looking online for a repair specialist, he found us online, and gave us a call. He brought his Audi over to our shop and we looked it over. He was ecstatic that we would be able to repair it. The clear film on the hood would just need to be removed in order to repair it. Luckily he wanted that replaced anyways. This was no issue for Scott, this was an easy choice, take that dent out!

He dropped his car off and we were able to this repair along with the other minor ones all within a day. He was so happy about the repair he even had us do a video review of his experience, which you can view at the end of this repair video.

Thank you so much Scott, we loved working with you and we love making people happy and restoring their vehicle back to show room condition once again!


Save Your Car From The Body Shop

Save Your Car From The Body Shop

“It couldn’t be done”

That’s what Bruce,  the owner of this 2013 Ford Mustang had some damage in his recently purchased car. He took it to a local body shop to have them look at the damage. The body shop told him this damage could not be fixed using paintless dent repair. The body shop could fix this damage, they would have to have repaint the left fender, left door and left quarter panel.

Bruce comes from a body shop and painting background and was familiar with the paint process. Knowing the ins and outs of painting he knows about the many downfalls of having a repainted vehicle, from color mismatch, to peeling paint and diminishing value. He knew he did not want to have his vehicle repainted.

He contacted us about the repairs in the drivers door. Once we looked over the vehicle, we took note of the damage on his quarter panel.  We asked him what were his plans with it. He mentioned he was going to take it to the body shop shortly and have them repaint it. Bruce was happy when we told him we could fix this damage.  No repainting would need to be done on his vehicle. He was ecstatic and happy to go this route. He brought the car to us to have us perform paintless dent repair on it.

Be sure to watch his review of the repairs.


Dents in your New Vehicle

Dents in your New Vehicle

Door Ding Repair – Sioux Falls Dent Repair

Today we are going to repair a door ding in this 2018 Subaru Outback.  As you can imagine if you had a new car, and it had a ding, you would not feel so good about it and would want a repair done.

How did this happen?

This damage was caused when the owners bicycle tipped over and bumped into her car door. The customer was scheduling to have her vehicle detailed and ceramic coated with our friends at Superior Detail and they discussed the damage. They then referred their customer to us for their door dent removal needs. We scheduled her in right away and made this repair in a short afternoon!



Be sure to see what the customer had to say about their dent repairs.

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